The struggle to Bear a Child

The struggle to Bear a Child

Bearing a child in your womb is the greatest miracle on earth. It is indeed also the most beautiful ever witnessed. However, there are some complications involved in bearing a child. While some women and men are naturally blessed with the capability of bearing a child, there are others who are suffering from infertility problems. Infertility is a physical condition when the individual is incapable of participating in procreation. Most people believe that infertility is hard to overcome. Some see it as a permanent monster. Due to the misinformation offered by inexperienced individuals, potential parents fail to look for professional help to their problems. They forget the fact that science and technology has made it possible to defeat the demon of infertility.

The article will be a guide to couples looking to treat their infertility problems. If you are growing your tired of your infertility concerns, then take a look at some of the options below. Who knows one of these may work as a weapon to deal with your infertility. 
According to a study published in June 1996 on tight-fitting underwear and sperm production, it was revealed that men who intend to father a child must not wear tight underwear and keep away from saunas and hot baths because they are known to raise the temperature of the testes to a degree where sperm production is seriously affected. However, the causes of infertility are not restricted to the boxers. Couples are advised to seek evaluation if they notice any of the following problems:
  • The menstrual cycle is irregular. Irregularity in menstruation indicates problems with ovulation which means that the woman cannot get pregnant without any medical help.
  • Secondly, if the woman has had numerous miscarriages or if the previous partner of the husband has suffered miscarriages, then doctor consultation is necessary to examine the sexual health of the male.
  • Infections of the private parts are also indicators of infertility issues. If the couples seem to be suffering from mumps, prostrate infection or vaginal infection, then help must be sought immediately.
  • Also, if the attempts at pregnancy have failed in the past, then the couple will have to seek medical help to understand better.
If any of the aforementioned problems appear, then the next step that doctors follow are some tests that are conducted on both men and women. In some  cases, it is not evident who is impotent, therefore, tests like mucus penetration tests, x-ray tests and hamster-egg penetrance tests are conducted to test men for infertility. For women, the major tests encircle ovulation. Laparoscopy and endometrial biopsy are some of the major tests that help assess menstruation cycle and sexually transmitted or present diseases.
To treat the issues, some drugs like Pergonal, Fertinex, Humegon are prescribed to women. The results of the drug are quite promising. In most cases, 10 to 20 percent pregnancies that occur due to fertility drugs are mainly multiple births. Moreover, if drugs are not of any help, then the last option that men and women resort to is surgery where the fallopian tubes, uterus are restored so that they could operate better.
Finally, infertility is not as scary as it may sound. While the society has stigmatized infertility, labeling impotents as ‘non-human’, this is not true. It is advised to consult a doctor when such problems are noticed.

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  1. I never gave a second thought to male infertility until it was my problem. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I then went and dealt with the problem. It can be successfully treated for some men. I was one of those who was prepared to make the necessary lifestyle, diet and health changes, which worked for me. It however takes a lot of effort and time and above all else a burning desire to become a father

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