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Why Join Our Doctor Network? Doctors Network is the fastest growing network of medical doctors online. Our state-of-the-art online system instantly connects patients from around the world to your computer or handheld device.

You can consult patients through an ask doctor online window or provide consultation through or automated response system. You can answer as many or as few questions as you like. You are under no obligation –guaranteed!

Why do our clients and patients from around the world choose to use our service? There are two reasons why we are the fastest growing company online:

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  • The second reason is overall reduced cost. For patients, they not only benefit from the reduced cost of the consultation, but they save additional money by avoiding travel expenses and time off work. For doctors, there are no additional overhead costs such as the use of bigger office and increased staff, in addition to providing the service at their convenience.

With the high costs of medical care, doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to increase the number of patients that they see. Imagine consulting dozens of new patients every week but from the convenience of your computer or handheld device through a live doctor chat.

On our end, we will provide you as many patients as you can handle. You may also refer your own patients to our website for direct access to you to avoid the challenges of an office visit.

Why Join Doctors Network?

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