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Foods Strictly Avoid Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy is a very critical stage in which special care must be taken by the mother to ensure the wellbeing and proper development of the baby. The baby is in its earliest stage and needs all the right nutrients and food to develop and grow healthy. A little carelessness on part of the mother may p...
Date Posted: Dec 13, 2017
Posted in: Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Depression Screening

Pregnancy Depression Screening  Something that is quite often overlooked is Pregnancy Depression Screening. It may be the last thing on the minds of many doctors and mothers. Pregnancy is considered a very blessed and joyous event in many cultures around the world including the United States. That...
Date Posted: Dec 12, 2017
Posted in: Pregnancy Care

Pre-diabetic State: Learning About Type 2 Diabetes

Pre-diabetic State Pre-diabetes is the stage when the person is diagnosed partially of having the symptoms of diabetes but does not fully have all of the symptoms and cannot be called diabetic in true essence. It is the stage between normal life and diabetes and it is often called a grey period. Th...
Date Posted: Dec 11, 2017
Posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders New guideline s by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that sexually active women who drink too much alcohol run the risk of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders in their unborn children. How the risk is actually increased is not really understood but a matter ...
Date Posted: Dec 10, 2017
Posted in: General Health

Duplicate medication order errors

Duplicate medication is a fraud and an illegal medication prescription or a medication which is meant to act as a misleading source to the patient and is not allowed by the law. Duplicate medication comes about as medical experts use the medication prescription to make double or several times the mo...
Date Posted: Dec 09, 2017

Help fight sleep problems-IBM ASAA App

IBM and ASAA have worked in collaboration with Watson Health Cloud and Apple to record the sleep habits of the participants. If you have any additional questions about this APP, you can chat with doctor on this website. So, let's discuss help fight sleep problems-IBM ASAA App Help fight sleep ...
Date Posted: Dec 08, 2017
Posted in: General Health

Sun Protection Questions You Must Need To Know

Sun Protection Questions  Sunburn and heat are usually associated with hot summer days when the sun is out in its full might, shining brightly and with extreme might. The UV rays and the heat of the sun during summers are too much for people to bear in the warmer areas, and there is an extreme ris...
Date Posted: Dec 07, 2017

High Cholesterol - Ask a doctor online

High Cholesterol - Ask a doctor online Cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart diseases around the globe and it is the reason why people suffer from heart attacks and other problems in the body. Cholesterol levels should not exceed a certain limit otherwise there is clogging of the arteries...
Date Posted: Dec 06, 2017
Posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Sea Salt Diet - Benefits Which You Must Follow

Sea Salt Diet - talk to a doctor online Salt is an integral ingredient that is important for any recipe. Without salt, no food can be complete and there is no taste in food that is deprived of salt. Salt has become such an important part of life that people would not be able to eat food and like i...
Date Posted: Dec 05, 2017
Posted in: Diet & Nutrition

Tips To Build Muscles Naturally

Build muscles naturally - Chat with doctor There is this perception that the only exercises that will build muscle are with weights and meticulous exercise machines. It should be obvious that this is false. For hundreds of years, even thousands of years, exercise helped individuals achieve their go...
Date Posted: Dec 04, 2017
Posted in: Fitness

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