6 ways get rid cold sore – Talk to a doctor online

Cold sores can be a painful and a highly visible blister that can appear anywhere near your mouth. Cold sores are caused by the HSV-1 or in other words, herpes simplex virus. Some people may have no accompanying symptoms while others may display fever, sore throat, swollen glands and pain associated with the cold sores. You can discuss your symptoms by asking a doctor online, to see if you need any further medication to ease your symptoms. In this article, we will share the 6 ways get rid cold sore which helps you to fight against cold

6 ways get rid cold sore

Cold sores usually go away in a couple of weeks, but if you want to speed up the process and get rid of a cold sore fast, here are a few things you could do:

Here, you can try these 6 ways get rid cold sore which explained in detail below:

1)    Over-the-counter medication

Covering your cold sore and protecting it from the sun and other protectants may help it fade away quicker. There are plenty of ointments out there available for cold sores which can be applied to protect the sore and help it faster. You can talk to a doctor online as well.

2)    Petroleum Jelly

If you’re not a fan of medications, you can apply plain old petroleum jelly to help protect it from harmful elements, you need to keep the cold sore completely moisturized and you shouldn’t allow for it to dry up and expose it to unwanted entities.

3)    Drying Ointment

This may seem contrary to the previous solution, but use rubbing alcohol, or other drying agents on your blister, can help it heal more quickly if you are sure you can keep it away from sun and pollution exposure. You can pour the rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and dab it on the cold sore for best results.

4)    Sunscreen

Sun exposure is harmful to everyone’s skin. Whether you have a cold sore or not, applying sunscreen should be your priority before leaving the house. For cold sores, the effects can be much more damaging. You can use lip balms and lipsticks with a sun protection factor above 20 so that your lips are protected from the harmful UV rays as well. Lip balms with zinc oxide will prove much more beneficial for your cold sore.

5)    Styptic Pencil

A styptic pencil is manufactured with mineral astringents which can prevent small cuts and nicks from bleeding. They can also help in reducing the redness and visibility of cold sores. To use a styptic pencil, just moisten its tip and press it gently on the area affected by the cold sore. Keep repeating this several times in a day until the cold sore’s appearance minimizes.

6)    Eye Drops

Eye drops which are used to remove redness from eyes can be applied to the cold sore for a similar effect. You just need to apply 1-2 drops on the area affected. Talk to a doctor online to find suitable drops.

These are the simplest and easiest ways to get rid of a cold sore and if you have any further queries about the symptoms you might be experiencing alongside, you can clear your head by talk to a doctor online on the following website: www.justhealthexperts.com


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