Can Garlic Lower Cholesterol?

Can Garlic Lower Cholesterol?

The use of garlic as a means to lower cholesterol has been going on for decades and people have a belief that garlic has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body and also provide the vitality and health benefits to the user. Garlic is more commonly used as a seasonal flavor, but there are a significant few who consider garlic as a means to reduce their cholesterol levels and get back to normal levels. In ancient times, garlic was considered a medicine and a cure for various bodily problems such as leprosy, respiratory problems, loss of appetite and dropsy. Such diseases were a major problem for many and medications in the old times found their cure in the use of garlic as herb and as a medicine.

Can Garlic Lower Cholesterol? Here, are the reasons:-

People then started believing that garlic had the tendency to reduce cholesterol levels as well and many of them started using garlic so as to lower cholesterol level in the body. Because cholesterol leads to several problems in the body including heart attack and cardio vascular diseases, having high levels of cholesterol in the body is a major issue and people who could not find the cure in proper medication turned to traditional methods of getting a better health.
Research by Stanford University have concluded that garlic does not have the capability to lower cholesterol levels in the body and is a wrong perception that many people have about it. Using garlic for such a purpose is useless and reaps no rewards whatsoever and the only solution to proper cholesterol levels in the body lie in balancing and controlling the diet intake and making sure that people avoid irregular food activities and heavy and oily foods.
There have been various contradictory researches on this subject but this recent study has reason to believe and argue that all studies which believe that garlic can in fact lower cholesterol in the body are wrong and does not give a fair insight to the use of the material.  The researchers at the university used two samples of fresh garlic because the phytochemical composition of garlic varies significantly.
The study was conducted on these samples. The study suggests that though garlic has alliin which a compound is known for dissolving cholesterol in test tubes, the effectiveness of the method is eliminated when garlic is cooked. By cooking the garlic, the allicin dissolves as it becomes unstable and hence degrades and cannot be used to lower cholesterol. 
The study was conducted on various people who were given a garlic diet for a few weeks and were monitored for the garlic levels. The study proved that the garlic sandwich had no effect on their cholesterol levels and was hence not considered a means to lower cholesterol in the body. While Garlic has health benefits, the question is can garlic lower cholesterol? Ask a doctor online now to see if you should start taking garlic supplements.
This study has opened up new dimensions to this topic and many who believe that garlic, in fact, has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, would have to find good reason and argument to disagree and counter the study.

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