Chinese Herbal Medicine Near Me

Chinese Herbal Medicine Near Me To Treat Drug Addiction

Recently, many of our readers have asked about Chinese Herbal Medicine near me. Specifically about using it to treat drug addiction. As soon as we read your questions our team at Just Health Experts we began to search for reports.  Before long we found the article entitled, Chinese Herbal Medicine for the Treatment of Drug Addiction, in the Journal International Review of Neurobiology. After reading this paper we found the information helpful.

Study Reviewed In This Section

 First, different herbs are studied to ensure they are safe for humans. In fact, this is an important step in research. The research focused on how herbal Chinese medicine affect drug addiction (including detox). Eventually, this may help treat addiction of illegal drugs. Soon, there will be trials on humans. Presently, they are not testing on humans.

There were different Chinese Herbal medicines in the study. In fact, this paper also includes how the herb might be used and for what types of addictions. Some of the Herbs showed promise in treating various addictions for different drugs, even alcohol. The studied was very broad, with different types of herbs and those herbs treating different addictions. The range of drugs includes pain pills, uppers, and alcohol. In conclusion, the tests have shown, that someday we may use Chinese herbal medicine by help drug addicts.


Presently, this paper shows that Chinese herbal medicine near me may be used to help people stop using drugs in the future. Next, there will be more studies like this one.  If they have the same results. Then the next step is people may test the herbs. Studies like this one can be difficult to understand. Please ask a doctor online at Just Health Experts for help reading research like this paper.  Before you take any herbal medicine please ask a doctor online to make sure it won’t interact with any prescriptions you take.

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