Common Food-Drug Interaction Problems

The chat with a doctor team at Just Health Experts have received a large volume of questions about food-drug interactions. People on medications have to face a lot of problems that may not come to mind instantly. One of these problems is the interaction of the medication with the food intake. This kind of interaction is called the food-drug interaction which is one of the most common interactions that take place inside the body. There are other interactions as well, such as drug-drug interaction, drug-disease interaction, and food-disease interaction which all have their own causes and effects and alter the functioning of the body in their own respective manners. The most common of all these remains the food-drug interaction and it is the interaction which results in most of the problems that have been faced by patients regularly. In this article, we will discuss some common food-drug interaction problems which affect badly to your health.

Medicines are chemical composition and like any other chemical; they have the tendency to react, they decompose and react inside the body and result in the treatment for which they are used specifically. They serve the purpose by performing chemical reactions inside the body and reacting with molecules to eliminate the disease. Problems arise when that drug reacts other than for the purpose it was used and for the treatment of the disease from which the patient is suffering.

Here, are some common food-drug interaction problems that affect your health

They have a tendency to react with certain foods and beverages, and the redactions eliminate or nullify the purpose of the medication. It may also enhance the effect which may also be disastrous for the patient as too much of something is also bad.
Drugs tend to react vehemently with alcohol and it is stated that the use of alcohol nullifies the effect of the drug taken. The alcohol decomposes the medicine and reacts with it thus the patient does not get the treatment necessary.
The most common food that drugs react with is grape juice. Grape juice is known to cause the worst of the reactions and its impacts are negative. There are several drugs with which grape juice reacts instantly, although the exact number and kind are still unknown. People taking medication for lowering blood pressure should never take grape juice for it tends to cause negative side effects to the patient and the patient may never recover, rather would suffer all the more from the side effects that the drug-grape juice interaction brings about.
Green leafy vegetables are also something that interacts with drugs. They tend to nullify the effect of blood thinning drugs. Patients suffering from thick blood and taking medications for the thinning of blood should avoid the use of green leafy vegetables otherwise they may face adverse effects in the form of cardiovascular diseases.
Chocolate is also a good reactant and tends to increase the blood running in the body. Patients who take medications for antidepressants and patients who have medications to increase blood pressure should not take chocolate parallel as chocolate would shoot up the blood pressure too much higher levels and the patient might suffer greatly in the aftermath.

Extra Information

Some of these common foods are strictly banned for people who are on medications and it is important to follow these guidelines for a healthy life. To know more common food-drug interaction problems, you can chat with doctor online and our medical experts will provide you the best guidelines which will not affect your health.

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