Cow Milk Substitute Which Enhance Overall Health

Cow milk has been used for generations to drink with meals or to use for cooking purposes. There are a number of people who cannot drink or eat dairy products due to lactose. However, lactose intolerance makes it difficult to find foods without such. That is why there are many cow milk substitute that can be used instead of getting milk from a cow. One source of information from doctor online chat services.

Here, we discuss some of the cow milk substitute one by one:

Soy Milk Has Many Benefits 

Soy milk is one type of milk that many people use. From the soybean, soy milk is mixed with water and a sweetener. It is low in fat and is free of cholesterol. This milk is thicker but is safer. The downside is soy milk doesn’t have a lot of protein, especially if it’s flavored. Rice milk is the second type of milk. Therefore, this milk comes from milled rice with water. It comes in a wide variety of flavors and is the least type of milk to cause allergies. There is no saturated fat and little to no protein. It is a great substitution for those who cannot drink cow or soy milk. The third kind of milk is almond milk.


The combo of roasted almonds and water filled with vitamins and minerals makes this drink amazing, especially mixed with flavoring. It is an awesome alternative for those who are dieting or want to try something different. It is yummy with cereal and can be mixed in a cup of coffee. The disadvantage to this drink is that it has little protein. Last, but certainly not least, another liquid to replace cow milk is water. Water has no calories or fat and it is easy to access. Instead of using milk in hot cereal, use water. Protein shakes can taste just as good without cow milk and can be replaced with good old H2O. This doctor online chat service by Just Health Experts has published extensive information on this subject. 

These healthier alternatives can be used in everyday cooking or with a snack. Don’t limit yourself to cow milk and learn to experiment with your taste buds with almond milk, rice milk, or soy milk. Although these substitutions do not have the same amount of protein, that can come from other food sources, and that substitution can still be enjoyed.

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