Dandelion Root Affects Colorectal Proliferation

Dandelion Root Affects Colorectal Proliferation

We’ve received numerous questions from both the public and healthcare professionals about whether Dandelion Root affects Colorectal proliferation. Our team of health researchers at Just Health Experts reviewed a recent publication about the subject. In an article entitled, Dandelion root affects colorectal proliferation and survival through the activation of multiple death signaling pathways, researchers studied the effect, which was published in the Journal Oncotarget.

Review of Dandelion Extract 

Dandelion extracts have been studied quite extensively over the years for its anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory activity. However, laboratories all over the world are now studying it for its potential cancer benefits. The aqueous dandelion root extract (DRE) has shown some promise in several cancer studies with no negative effects on healthy cells. In this study, the researchers studied the cancer cell-killing effectiveness of DRE in colon cancer cells. DRE induced programmed cell death (PCD) is greater than 95% of colon cells within 48 hours of therapy. The anti-cancer efficacy of DRE was confirmed in live studies as when given orally retarded the growth of human xengraft models by more than 90 percent.

The researchers found that the activation of multiple death pathways in cancer cells by DRE treatment, as revealed by gene expression analyses showing the expression of genes implicated in programmed cell death. Analyses of the DRE extract showed complex multi-component composition of the DRE, including some known bioactive phytochemicals such as α-amyrin, β-amyrin, lupeol, and taraxasterol. This indicated that this natural extract could engage and effectively target multiple vulnerabilities of cancer cells. Therefore, DRE extract could be a non-toxic and effective anti-cancer alternative, instrumental for reducing the occurrence of cancer cells drug-resistance in some patients.


Our review of the study is as follows. It has great merit for further study. It is fairly difficult for a non-healthcare profession to read and understand it. That is why we recommend that if you have any questions, use chat with doctor through our website.

If you would have any further questions about whether Dandelion Root can be used against Colorectal Proliferation in humans, please ask your healthcare professional or use chat with doctor facility at Just Health Experts. Dandelion root can be associated with several side effects and several potentially serious drug interactions. Some side effects reported with dandelion root include a headache, nausea, vomiting, and feeling jittery and sluggish.

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