Foods Strictly Avoid Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy is a very critical stage in which special care must be taken by the mother to ensure the wellbeing and proper development of the baby. The baby is in its earliest stage and needs all the right nutrients and food to develop and grow healthy. A little carelessness on part of the mother may put the life and health of the baby in danger and may be detrimental to the health of the baby and the mother herself.

There are certain restrictions and limitations which the mother has to follow during pregnancy and these restrictions apply to the food intake and the diet of the mother as well. The guidelines are pretty clear that the mother needs to be very careful in everything she eats and nothing that has the slightest chance of troubling the health of her and the baby should ever be taken. Things that the mother read about foods strictly avoid pregnancy time are as follows:

Here, are the list of Foods strictly avoid pregnancy time by every mother:


Raw meat

The mother can certainly not take any kind of raw or undercooked meat at all during the stage of pregnancy. Meat can be poultry, beef or seafood and none of it is allowed if it is not properly cooked as raw meat has contamination risks and can trouble the health of both the mother and the baby during the pregnancy stage. 

Sea Food

Seafood is also something that is advised to be avoided as most fish that are found are contaminated with mercury or with industrial pollutants in the rivers and the sea. These pollutants contain toxic waste and chemicals which can be poisonous to the baby and the mother and high mercury levels are simply like giving acid to the baby and killing it. Seafood is certainly not safe during pregnancy and it is best to avoid at all costs.

Raw Eggs

Eggs may be the most nutritious of the foods available but when consumed in raw form, pose a direct threat to the health of the baby. Raw eggs are used in pastries and sweet dishes, mayonnaise, and other homemade recipes. These items should be avoided and it must be ensured that all the dishes must be cooked otherwise there is a high risk of contamination with salmonella which occurs when the eggs are left uncooked.

Milk (Unpasteurized)

Unpasteurized milk is strictly disallowed to pregnant women for it contains bacteria such as listeria which may result in a miscarriage. Milk must always be boiled first and it is better never to use unpasteurized milk directly from a goat or a sheep as it poses a direct threat to the life of the baby.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheese has the nag of containing E. coli or listeria which is again harmful to the kid. Hard cheese can be consumed by the pregnant women but it is advised to avoid all such things.


Salads made in stores of ham or chicken should not be consumed by the pregnant women as they also have the chances of containing listeria. If you want information about foods strictly avoid pregnancy time, use live doctor chat feature from our website Just Health Experts and get the best advice from our medical specialists.

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