Glycemic Index – Best Tool For Diabetes

Glycemic index measures how the food which contains carbohydrate increases the blood glucose levels and affects the sugar levels in the patient. The rankings of food are based on the comparison with an ideal food which has a certain amount of carbohydrate and the effect of which on the blood glucose level is standard. Such food is considered the comparing point for other foods and the Glycemic index rankings are given based on this comparison. The basic idea about the Glycemic index, if summarized in a few words is that the higher the glycemic index, the higher it will raise the blood glucose in a patient’s body. 

 Glycemic index is a very important estimate especially in the life of diabetes patients, who are more susceptible to variations in blood sugar levels and who are most affected by these variations in the body. Glycemic index is a rough estimate for these patients to keep track of their blood sugar level and to maintain and balance their dietary needs in the correct medical manner which would not affect their body and would keep them fit and functional. Foods such as meat and fats are free of carbohydrates so they have no Glycemic index and cannot be classified under this category.
The rest of the foods are classified as high GI, medium GI or low GI and it is always better to stick to foods with a low or medium GI. In the case when a person really has to take high GI diet, then the diet needs to be balanced with low GI diet so as to nullify or neutralize the effects of high blood glucose levels in the body. Patients suffering from diabetes would suffer greatly after consuming high GI diet and not neutralizing it with low or medium GI diet in the meantime. You can also use online chat with doctor feature through our Just health experts to know about the glycemic index.
The thing about glycemic index is that it works well for people with a diabetes diet as there is no better way to monitor and control the carbohydrate intake and to control the blood glucose levels in the body. The easy thing that GI brings is that it can be tailored to suit the lifestyle of the patient and there does not have to be a significant sacrifice made by the patient when taking a proper diabetes diet. Glycemic index will help to regularize the intake of sugar and would ensure that sugar levels of a diabetes patient do not fluctuate much from the normal range.
Glycemic index helps regulate the blood sugar level which at the end of the day may help prevent insulin resistance inside the body and would help the patient throughout the day. The index also reduces the need for diabetes medication as the patient follows a strict diet plan and is not prone to high and low-level fluctuations, which keep diabetes in check. Glycemic index also reduces hunger cues and will eventually help in weight reduction and weight management. All these factors lead to the fact that the glycemic index is important for a diabetes diet.

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