Health Benefits Knitting – Steps to Live a Healthy Life

Health Benefits Knitting – Steps to Live a Healthy Life

I never thought the day would come where the Health Benefits Knitting was observed not anecdotal but by researchers. That’s right, knitting.  Although knitting has been traditionally a hobby for the elderly, you now have a lot of young people doing it.

Exactly how the Health Benefits Knitting has been linked to lower blood pressure, better diabetes control, and less depression is not known to scientists. However, some theories are starting to be put forward. One theory is that since the activity is pleasurable, chemical changes in the body have these positive effects. Another theory is that knitting takes a person’s mind off of their troubles thereby improving their general health and immune system.

It was first observed in Scandinavian countries where knitting is quite common in retirement communities. What some researchers observed was that some patients who knitting more than twice per week had more energy, were generally happier, and improved their health overall without their medications.

What’s really interesting is that different types of knitting benefit different medical conditions. For instance, if you like knitting animals, blood pressure seems to be the most affected. If you like to knit cities or modern buildings, then diabetes is most affected.

According to scientists, this is a very interesting occurrence. Some physicians have to start recommending it to their patients even the young ones. Other physicians have taken a more radical approach and starting recommending it in the hospital setting. In some rural hospitals, it is not uncommon to find a patient in the hospital after a surgery to be strapped with IV lines and at the same time knitting a funny picture or animal. The many Health Benefits of Knitting is just now starting to be realized.

Although some experts have argued that knitting should be recommended outside of the hospital settings, others have argued to even more knitting for some patients, especially those who had difficulty taking oral medications or experienced many side effects from their medications. You can also know about the health benefits of knitting by a chat with doctor online through our website Just Health Experts.

What is now become apparent is that the Health Benefits Knitting maybe even more than what is currently understood. Researchers continue to look into other Health Benefits Knitting to see where else it can be used to help patients.

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