Help fight sleep problems-IBM ASAA App

IBM and ASAA have worked in collaboration with Watson Health Cloud and Apple to record the sleep habits of the participants. If you have any additional questions about this APP, you can chat with doctor on this website. So, let’s discuss help fight sleep problems-IBM ASAA App

Help fight sleep problems-IBM ASAA App

Sleep Problems and Their Occurrence

The American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA) has reported that 1 out of every four Americans faces sleep problems including Sleep Apnea. They face disturbed sleep, loud snoring and constrained breathing. Sleeping has been associated with the wellbeing of human beings. It is a crucial part of the biological clock that plays a role in the resting and resuscitation of the bodily systems. During sleep, our body’s mechanisms slow down and work at an optimum level to fulfill our basic functions. This chat with doctor service has answered many questions related to sleep disorders.

Sleep deprivation poses a threat to our health due to the susceptibility of a person to physical and psychological disorders and diseases. Sleep deprivation can be described as the lack of sleep in the human biological clock. On average, the physicians and doctors estimate that a human being should get 6-8 hours of sleep every day for normal and healthy functioning. This duration can be completed in one go or at different times of the day. The best sleep or rest is considered to happen in one go without any disturbances. However, people facing sleep problems do not get their uninterrupted rest throughout the day. Hence, they do not get the proper rest and hence their internal systems are tired and weary which causes major health concern for all health-related workers.

Solution to Sleep Problems

The basic trouble with sleep problems to date has been the lack of knowledge of the causing factors. Sleep problems have been largely placed in relation to other problems and diseases and no definite cause has been determined. Luckily the ASAA came up with a remedial strategy. They have collaborated with IBM, to develop an app by the name of SleepHealth.

Sleep Health

SleepHealth has been designed on the Apple’s ResearchKit framework. The app is compatible with iPhones and Apple Watch as well. The app will collect the data about a person’s health-related activities, sleep duration, sleeping patterns, heart rate and other significant data which it will then send to the Watson Health Cloud.

How It Works?

The app is a source of collecting data for researchers. It is one of the biggest longitudinal studies where all app user will become a participant in potential studies, research topics, surveys and strategies for identifying solutions to sleep problems. However, the participants can sign up for the app as participants after they have verified that they are over 18 years of age and submit their sleep data.

Therefore, their data will then be stripped of personal detail before being stored in the Watson Health Cloud. From here, it will be analyzed by physicians and researchers for research purposes and also be identifying healthy pro-sleep behavior. Kyu Rhee, chief health officer for Watson Health, said that it is an effort to break the barriers and bring together physicians, researchers, patients, and clinicians and bring them together on a single platform to see a problem up close and find causes and solutions. Therefore, it will be an interactive research effort where the patients and clients will participate as much as the researchers and clinicians.

How to Benefit from SleepHealth?

The best way you can benefit from SleepHealth is by signing up for the app. You can discuss your sleep problems with your physician or consult an online doctor or expert and determine what kind of survey or research you should participate in. Therefore, all the participants of research will be updated with the developments of research and you will be able to benefit from the findings directly.  So, this are the ways by which you can help fight sleep problems-IBM ASAA App

Hence, if you have any questions about how can help fight sleep problems-IBM ASAA App, you can use chat with doctor facility by visiting our website Just Health Experts.

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