Male STD Warning Signs

Male STD Warning Signs


Since our network of doctors has received a lot of questions from users of our online doctor chat service asking how to know if you are male STD warning signs, we decided to write a review on the topic. 

There are many different STDs and the risk of getting each one after sex differs greatly. In general, an infection can be scary and nerve-racking.

Some STDs cause symptoms and a patient may know that they have one. Most commonly, STDs do not have symptoms, or they go unnoticed by people. However, patients should get tested if they have risky sex. This includes:

  • Sex with an unknown partner
  • Sex with multiple partners
  • Unprotected sex
  • Sex with men

How to know if you are a male with an STD? Consequently, the best way to find out is for you to get tested. Usually, the tests only require a blood or urine sample. Overall, the tests are quick and easy and can give you a piece of mind. Therefore, getting tested, and receiving treatment is an important part of making sure you are healthy.

Therefore, some doctors will automatically test for STDs when you see them every year, others may not. However, to make sure you are being routinely tested, ask your doctor each year. Hense, if something concerning is happening there are places where you can quickly get tested.

Symptoms of an STD in a Male

Furthermore, you may experience one or more of these symptoms depending on the STD you have.

  • Bumps or sores on your penis, thighs, or butt
  • Weird discharge from your penis
  • A burning sensation when you pee, or if you are having to pee a lot
  • Itching, swelling, pain, and/or irritation in your penis or butt
  • Body aches, fever, and/or feeling tired

Therefore, patients may also experience these symptoms when they have other medical problems. Therefore, it is important to get tested, so you can be treated appropriately.

Consequently, you can online doctor chat to get a better idea of what kind of testing or treatments you may need. Doctors are available at Just Health Experts to answer any questions you may have.

Written by Dr. Larisa Roybal, PharmD

Dr. Larisa Roybal is a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate of the University of Colorado. She has experience in clinical pharmacy, medical information, and drug safety.

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