Natural Approaches to Enhancing Golf Performance

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by all ages of people and abilities. It typically involves long periods of low-intensity exercise intermixed with short bursts of high-intensity activity. The sport has been described as one of the most complex and high precision sports that exist. This is mainly due to golf swings involving a high amount of comprehensive force and technicality. So how can someone naturally improve their golf performance? Obviously, with additional training and practice, one can elevate their game to meet certain goals. But maintaining health is related to performance on the golf course. Competitors must meet the physical and mental aspects of the game, whether that is preventing and managing an injury or the ability to maintain focus while playing. A defect in the physical or mental components of an individual affords the potential to place significant negative effects on performance. In this article,  we discuss natural ways to help to enhance golf performance, with a focus on maintaining the health of the golfer.

Natural Approaches to Enhancing Golf Performance
Natural Approaches to Enhancing Golf Performance

Eating Right

Proper nutrition can help enhance sporting performance and is the mainstay of maintaining one’s health. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean protein is vital in providing the body with appropriate vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates in order to obtain healthy bones and muscles. Providing the body with the necessary nutrients is also essential in preventing injury and regulation of the body’s recovery process.

Having a good diet can aid in providing the necessary energy a golfer needs to finish 18 holes of golf, which can take over 4 hours to complete. This makes it essential that the player has properly fueled the body to reduce physical fatigue. An excellent diet will also help reduce mental fatigue. The game of golf requires excellent mental conditioning and focus. Consuming the appropriate foods can aid in providing the brain with an abundance of energy in order to stay focused and attentive.

If one cannot obtain the appropriate nutrients from food intake, supplementation is the next best option. Taking a multivitamin is a great method to ensure the appropriate vitamins and minerals are being absorbed into the body to maintain natural physiological processes that contribute to health. Supplementing with caffeine and specifically, vitamin B12 can add additional energy boosts to golfers enduring long games to maintain physical and mental function.

Sleep Quality

Accomplishing adequate sleep of great quality is one of the most effective methods a participating athlete can achieve greater training gains and enhance overall performance. This allows the body to function to the best of its ability while reducing early fatigue and increasing endurance, which is critical to golfers because games of golf can be extensive. Along with being an integral part of the recovery and adaptive processes for competitors, evidence has shown that increased sleep duration and improved sleep quality is associated with improved athletic performance and competitive success. Individuals should aim for at least 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. This will aid in mental and physical health as sleep affects nearly every tissue in the body and is involved in the regulation of stress, the immune system (healing and repairing), and cardiovascular health.

If an individual is having a tough time obtaining adequate amounts of sleep per night, there are many natural methods to help with the process. One method includes supplementing with melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that the brain produces in response to darkness, which in turn helps with the timing of the circadian rhythm and sleep. Evidence has shown that melatonin was better than placebo for improving both the time to fall asleep and total sleep time. 

Proper Preparation

Before an individual starts a game of golf, they should properly prepare their bodies for the types of movements they will encounter. This includes stretching appropriate muscles, specifically the shoulders, back, and legs. This helps to “warm” the muscles and prepare them for certain movements in a golf swing. A proper warm-up that includes stretching can be the difference in the prevention of an injury. A strained or pulled muscle in the back, shoulders, or legs can significantly hinder the performance of a golfer. Proper stretching of muscles can help prevent injury in order to maximize the potential of the golf athlete.


With more practice, golfers can increase their skill level and therefore elevate their performance. However, increasing skill is not the only way of enhancing performance on the golf course. Maintaining health, both physically and mentally, is crucial in allowing an individual to play to the best of their ability. Some simple, yet natural methods to increasing performance include a proper diet, obtaining adequate sleep quality, and properly preparing oneself for specific movements before engaging in the activity. You can check our more articles by visiting this link:


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