Peanut Butter Benefits – Scientific Facts

Peanut Butter Benefits

There have been a question in health and fitness circles pertaining to whether or not peanut butter is good for you and what the difference is between regular peanut butter and and natural peanut butter. Before talking about the differences, one should know a bit of the history and after the comparison, learn of some alternatives. Peanut butter was developed in the late 1800s by a Canadian chemist, Marcellus Edson. It was made of roasted peanuts, into a thick paste with a bit of sugar and other additives to give it its creaminess. This tasty paste is filled with mono- and polyunsaturated fats and plenty of protein. It comes in both creamy and crunchy/chunky, but the latter has more fiber. 

Now, onto the difference between regular peanut butter and natural peanut butter. Is there a difference? Well, regular peanut butter has additives such as vegetable oils and sugar. Natural peanut butter has very few ingredients listed and not as gritty compared to regular since regular peanut butter has more sugar.  Next, let’s talk about some peanut butter benefits.

Almond butter has great amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. It has a better source of omega-3s than actual peanut butter. This can help in heart health and lower bad cholesterol. So many nutrients are packed in this butter. Coconut butter is high in calories, but low in fatty acids. However, it can aid in immune system health and fight infections. Hazelnut butter is another alternative with high calories. There’s not a lot of protein, but plenty of vitamins and minerals. There is even pumpkin butter, cashew butter, and walnut butter. So, be mindful of what you are looking for in terms of taste, what will be going with the butter, and the health benefits involved. There are endless possibilities with whichever butter one decides to choose.  These benefits can be discovered in our ask a doctor chat feature at Just health experts.

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