Pre-diabetic State: Learning About Type 2 Diabetes

Pre-diabetic State

Pre-diabetes is the stage when the person is diagnosed partially of having the symptoms of diabetes but does not fully have all of the symptoms and cannot be called diabetic in true essence. It is the stage between normal life and diabetes and it is often called a grey period. The pre-diabetic stage can last for long periods or may not last very long. Usually, people diagnosed with pre-diabetes are more likely to develop diabetes in 10 years or so but some of them tend to become diabetic within a period of 3 years. The duration of the pre-diabetic stage varies from person to person and on the habits and lifestyle of the person who is diagnosed with pre-diabetes. 

Pre-diabetic state

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world and tends to affect millions of people worldwide. It has the tendency to develop with age and time owing to bad and unhealthy eating habits and irregular lifestyle that is not ideal for the human body. Most of the diabetes patients have diabetic genes and hence it is transferred to them genetically from their parents. To date, there is no proper cure for diabetes and one cannot fully get rid of the disease once fully diagnosed with it. There do exist several methods and treatments which reduce or nullify its effects and help the patient to live a completely normal and trouble free life but for that certain compromises have to be made by the patient himself. 

Controlling diabetes or staying in the pre-diabetic stage all depends on how the person deals with the situation once diagnosed with the problem. Diabetes is directly related to the food intake and the diet of the person and people with irregular and unhealthy diets are destined to suffer more with the problem. People who have a lot of fatty food intake or who have the nag for sweet and delicious meals are more likely to pass through from the pre-diabetic stage quickly to being diabetic and they would stand a very small chance of prolonging that duration. Their unhealthy habits would cost them and would reduce the immunity their body would have against diabetes.

Here, are some of the common precautions for which we need to take care during pre-diabetic state: 

The only method to remain pre-diabetic indefinitely is to adopt a new and simplistic lifestyle which is recommended by doctors. Eating foods with high amounts of proteins and fibers and nutrients such as vegetables and fruits can do the job. It would also reduce the fat and sugar intake and hence be helping the body which would not have the ability to produce excessive insulin by itself. Taking skimmed milk will also be beneficial in this regard.

Weight reduction is also critical in staying pre-diabetic indefinitely. People who try to reduce their weight and succeed even by a small fraction have a higher chance of staying pre-diabetic for long periods of time. Not taking tension is also very important and can be one of the major factors in keeping the person in the pre-diabetic stage for an infinite duration. If you want to consult during pre-diabetic state online, then use the feature chat with doctor by visiting our just health experts and safety precautions from our online doctors. 

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