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Fitness devotees talk about the protein shakes benefits. Many of them are on the go, and so, need a protein source that doesn’t require heat or much time. You’ve seen the shakers, the bulky containers or hefty bags, and that infamous scoop hidden beneath the powder. How does one pick the right protein powder for them? How did the first makers of protein shakers come up with this idea? Before the simplicity of these shakes, bodybuilders had to eat as much as they could to get the protein that is found in one drink. It started in the 1950s, but the supplementation popularity didn’t bloom until the 70s and 80s.  Many of them were egg-based, but later on went into whey, casein, and other types of protein. 

Protein Shakes Benefits

There are several benefits in drinking protein shakes, or even adding them to foods. First, and it should be obvious, one can get a lot of protein into their diet. Protein is responsible for muscle growth and overall healing. Second, it is easy to make. One can either buy a protein shake already made at their convenience or take a scoop of protein powder with 8 ounces of water, milk, or juice. Which brings to the third point: it takes less than three minutes to make. A person can use a blender, but that would take longer. Invest in a shaker, with a plastic grill inside. This will help somewhat in removing the clumps caused by the powder build-up. Last, but certainly not least, it takes less time to digest. Real food can take hours to digest while a simple shake takes minutes to reach the muscles and ingests properly. If you are looking for physical progress, it starts in the kitchen. Your diet is what makes your muscles bigger and stronger. 

 Muscle mass naturally relates with age. This usually gains fat and the risk of many chronic diseases. However, this adverse change in body composition can be partly slowed, prevented, or reversed with a combination of strength training and adequate diet.  We also recommend to talk to a doctor online to see if protein shakes could help you.

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