Secrets Longest Lifespan – DNA Elders

Secrets longest lifespan – DNA Elders

Are you thinking what the secret to long life is? Everyone wants to know the secret to living a happy and healthy life. There is no fountain of youth, it’s all a myth. This doesn’t mean that there is no hope for you. You have the power to change your habits that have a direct impact on how long you live. The secret to long life is by adopting an active and a healthy lifestyle. There is an increase in a number of supercentenarians who hardly had any illness or disability before their death. This was because of their habits that lead them to live a longer life. Do you want to more about healthy habits? Contact our live doctor chat, for more information. Also, read our whole article Secrets longest lifespan – DNA Elders to know in details

In this write-up, we have talked about the notion given by some scientist for having a longer lifespan. Here is the reason why some people live longer than the rest.

Secrets longest lifespan – DNA Elders

Real Reason for Living Longer is in the DNA

We all believe this idea that healthy eating habits and lifestyle help increase your lifespan. Some scientists’ are of the view that the secret to longer life may be present in the DNA.

  • An elder woman told her secret to a healthy lifestyle was morning walks and chocolate.
  • Another women, Emma Morano was of age 117 when she died. According to her, the secret of long life is no husband and raw eggs.

The DNA was collected by these elders and was given to researchers who wanted to study them. The supercentenarian genomes are considered as a great source for studying healthy aging. Most people consider lifestyle and luck are the 2 factors that determine how long a person will live.

It is believed that the people who have longer lifespan have a genetic advantage. This advantage can be because of getting fewer normal DNA that increases that chances of various conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and a heart condition. If you wish to know more about this idea, you can use live doctor chat feature.

Challenges Faced When Collecting DNA Samples

There has been a difficulty in getting the genetic code. The researchers have restricted the age of the DNA donors making it difficult to get the DNA of the elders. According to the New England Centenarian Study, the people under the age of 103 are too young.

Mr. James Clement gathered the DNA samples from supercentenarian in various states and countries. It took almost 6 years to collect the samples. Clement mentioned most of the people were driving, gardening, arguing, and flirting. The only problem is that there is no use of such a small study. It is reported that traits such as height, chances of disease or body mass index are the result of various combinations in the genome. These are known as phenotypes.

In order to better understand the phenotypes, more resources are needed. Thousands of more DNA samples are required for the study, but the number of supercentenarians is around 150. There are other problems that occur when collecting DNA. Many countries have a vague birth record. This makes it more challenging as the identification of supercentenarian is impossible.

Moreover, this much of information is not enough to explain the longer lifespan of supercentenarians. It was found that they are healthier than centenarians in their final years. This helped the scientists to come to the conclusion that supercentenarians have a code in their genetics that protects them from aging.

Therefore, the secret to long life is present in the DNA of supercentenarians. If you have any query you can have a live doctor chat. Do you want to know more about this topic? Please visit Just Health Experts to speak with an online doctor.

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