Self Medication Risk Factors – A Case Study

Self Medication Risk Factors

The debate of letting people self-medicate with the use of over the counter pills has been a pretty old one and has come into the limelight with the financial situation across the globe. The economic conditions and financial constraints have taken away the power of people to get proper treatment from hospitals and many of them cannot afford regular visits to recognized physicians and experts, in order to get the proper prescription for small illnesses, most of which are seasonal and pretty common. 

Most developed countries have restrictions on the sale and use of medicine without a prescription from a qualified expert and in order to obtain medicine from a pharmacy or a medical store, one needs to first visit a doctor and get a proper examination of the body. The doctor then prescribes the required medicine, which in some cases is a simple antibiotic, meant to reduce the pain or illness. Diseases like fever and cold are one of the most common in the world, and it becomes a real pain when people need to get prescriptions to get medicine for such common diseases.
Here, is Self Medication Risk Factors below:

Self-medication, in such cases, can be a vital benefit for the people who cannot afford the means to visit an expert and pay for the medical expenses. It also saves considerable time and energy, especially in the case when the patient is fully aware of the disease and knows the basic treatment required. It is also a mental relief as to not to have to go to a medical facility and wait to get proper treatment, and then getting an examination being done. It is psychologically stressing to visit a medical expert and it tends to create anxiety and disorder in the mind of the patient. In such cases, self-medication can be one of the best remedies.

On the contrary, self-medication, if allowed on a large scale, can be disastrous for the medical sector and can also lead to various crimes and immoral activities. Drug use can become common and uncontrolled; people might misuse medicines or take some at will in order to enhance features. This allowance may also curtail the running of the entire medical sector, and the need for physicists may decline. 
One more significant problem that can arise from self-medication is the fact that people will on most occasions overlook their diseases and would never find out if they have something more than the common disease. Without getting a proper examination, the actual disease, if any, may never be diagnosed and may increase and get out of hand. This may lead to severe problems in the future. Further, the person may self-diagnose in the wrong manner and eat the wrong pills and may end up getting sick in a severe way.
There are both sides of the picture when it comes to self-medication on over the counter pills, and it remains to be seen as to which side prevails. The basic idea still remains that which side has more to it than the other.  You can know more about Self Medication Risk Factors through talk to a doctor online feature at Just Health Experts.

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