Zika Virus | Prevention and Transmission

How is the Zika Virus Spread?


Many individuals are concerned about Zika virus as many questions have been submitted to online doctors about it especially in the USA. The Zika virus has been found in many Americans because it can cause brain damage in new born babies to teenagers and can cause paralysis in adults and seniors.


Concern for Americans?
Last year, Americans had to contend with the Ebola virus which came from Africa. Fortunately, very few cases showed up in the USA. However, the Zika virus is very different. It is most concerning because it can lead to death and other effects. Scientists are in a mad rush to try to find a treatment for it.

So the big question is how is the Zika virus transmitted. Scientists have confirmed that it could be through sexual intercourse. Online doctors services in the USA have received hundreds of inquiries about ways to protect patients.
If you suspect that you have contracted the Zika virus, it is best to consult with a doctor right away. Online doctors advice can be a good start.


How is the Zika virus spread?
Although the evidence is not conclusive, it scientists are starting to lean towards the belief that sexual intercourse is the primary if not the only way to for the virus to be transmitted. The evidences whether Zika can be transmitted through sex or not are still very week but federal health offices already advised all travelers to prevent their sexual activities in countries where this virus is already being spread.

The search words online doctors advice resulted in about 80 questions for our online doctors. Some of the questions included: How can I get the Zika virus? Are healthcare workers at greater risk of transmitting the virus? Is hand sanitizer effective against the Zika virus?


Some of our doctors have stated in their responses as general protection against the virus that by taking regular sanitary precautions the risk of getting the virus is quite small. None-the-less precautions against such a virus which can result in death are still necessary. So if you are really concerned about this topic, then chat with doctor to find proper ways to prevent from this virus.

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