5 foods can lose weight naturally

Do you want to lose weight naturally? There are some people who lose weight quickly. We often think it is about the foods they eliminated from their diet. This is where we are wrong; it is about the foods they choose to eat every day. There foods that help you lose weight faster and are called superfoods because of the high amount of nutrients in them. Such foods are ideal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this article, we have listed some of the 5 foods can lose weight naturally and give you perfect body structure according to your age.

Let’s take a look at these 5 foods can lose weight naturally and  you  must have to include these in your diet.

5 foods can lose weight naturally

     5 foods can lose weight naturally


One of the most popular superfoods is Spinach as it is a low-carb vegetable. 2 cups of Spinach has fewer calories, nearly 2 g of protein and approximately 1.4 g of dietary fibers. This is why it is perfect for satisfying hunger without causing any danger to your health. Moreover, Spinach contains high amounts of iron that is good for your blood cells. This superfood is rich in calcium, vitamins K, C, E, and A.

Dark Chocolate

Another food that is good for losing weight naturally is dark chocolate. This superfood has a high content of flavonoids, which is great for heart health. It is useful for decreasing the risk of cancer and slows the rate of aging. Chocolate is helpful for fighting depression and boosts motivation.


It is believed, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It is found that apples are great at keeping the doctor away while helping you lose weight. Apples have a high quantity of phytonutrients and antioxidants that are great at combating free radicals. When you eat an apple, it keeps you full as it contains dietary fibers and vitamins.

Chili Peppers

All the spices are great for losing weight naturally. The best among the spices is the chili peppers as it improves your metabolism. This food is useful for increasing eh bod temperature that will burn the previously stored fats. It helps you by staying away from salt; salt is not a good for your diet.


Another superfood is Avocadoes that helps in weight loss. The fruit is high in calories but contains healthy monounsaturated fats. It can be used to substitute saturated margarine as it is full of several nutrients. Avocadoes have 20 minerals and vitamins like vitamins C, E, B5, K, and B6. This fruit is a great source of potassium. There are various ways in which you can add Avocadoes to your diet. The most popular way is to add it to the salads.

In this article, you will that these are the 5 foods can lose weight naturally without causing any side-effects.

In the end, these superfoods are powerful enough to help you fight against double chin, flabby stomach and love handle. There is no food that will help you lose weight overnight. The superfoods are great for reducing weight as they have fewer calories and are rich in fiber.  For more information about the superfoods, you can start a live chat with doctor at just health experts

Pre-diabetic State

Pre-diabetic State

Pre-diabetes is the stage when the person is diagnosed partially of having the symptoms of diabetes but does not fully have all of the symptoms and cannot be called diabetic in true essence. It is the stage between normal life and diabetes and it is often called a grey period. Pre-diabetic stage can last for long periods or may not last very long. Usually, people diagnosed with pre-diabetes are more likely to develop diabetes in 10 years or so but some of them tend to become diabetic within a period of 3 years. The duration of pre-diabetic stage varies from person to person and on the habits and lifestyle of the person who is diagnosed with pre-diabetes. 

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world and tends to affect millions of people worldwide. It has the tendency to develop with age and time owing to bad and unhealthy eating habits and irregular lifestyle that is not ideal for the human body. Most of the diabetes patients have diabetic genes and hence it is transferred to them genetically from their parents. To date, there is no proper cure of diabetes and one cannot fully get rid of the disease once fully diagnosed with it. There do exists several methods and treatments which reduce or nullify its effects and help the patient to live a completely normal and trouble free life but for that certain compromises have to be made by the patient himself. 

Controlling diabetes or staying in the pre-diabetic stage all depends on how the person deals with the situation once diagnosed with the problem. Diabetes is directly related to the food intake and the diet of the person and people with irregular and unhealthy diets are destined to suffer more with the problem. People who have a lot of fatty food intake or who have the nag for sweet and delicious meals are more likely to pass through from the pre-diabetic stage quickly to being diabetic and they would stand very small chance of prolonging that duration. There unhealthy habits would cost them and would reduce the immunity their body would have against diabetes.

The only method to remain pre-diabetic indefinitely is to adopt a new and simplistic lifestyle which is recommended by doctors. Eating foods with high amounts of proteins and fibers and nutrients such as vegetables and fruits can do the job. It would also reduce the fat and sugar intake and hence helping the body which would not have the ability to produce excessive insulin by itself. Taking skimmed milk will also be beneficial in this regard.

Weight reduction is also critical in staying pre-diabetic indefinitely. People who try to reduce their weight and succeed even by a small fraction have a higher chance of staying pre-diabetic for long periods of time. Not taking tension is also very important and can be one of the major factors in keeping the person in the pre-diabetic stage for an infinite duration.

Online doctors is an excellent source of information but useful information can also be gathered at www.uptodate.com, www.fda.gov, www.drugs.com, www.guidelines.gov, and many other useful sources. 


High Cholesterol – Ask online doctor

High Cholesterol – Ask online doctor

Cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart diseases around the globe and it is the reason why people suffer from heart attacks and other problems in the body. Cholesterol levels should not exceed a certain limit otherwise there is clogging of the arteries and hence the blood supply to the heart can stop resulting in a heart attack. Controlling cholesterol is extremely serious and one needs to ensure that they have it under check. Following techniques are quite simple in reducing cholesterol levels and living a safe and healthy life. 

Reducing the intake of meat in the diet can be of great benefit. Meat and its related products come with a lot of cholesterol and many people have a habit of consuming a lot of meat, which increases their cholesterol levels. Bone marrow and other meat products are full of cholesterol and should be avoided. Going towards a white meat or vegetarian diet is the simplest and the most effective solution for people suffering with high cholesterol levels.
Saturated oil and saturated fats are also to be avoided and this can also help in reducing the cholesterol that has accumulated in the body. 
Medication is the most important thing one needs to follow when suffering from high cholesterol levels. Medication for reducing cholesterol levels and to thin the blood so that there is no clogging is the best way to remain safe and healthy. All precautions need to be taken but that is no substitute for the medicine.
Avoiding carbohydrates as much as possible is also the key. Low carb diets and low protein diets, which do not contain bad proteins is integral for all cholesterol patients as it keeps the levels in check and also ensures that the blood does not thicken. In that regard, one needs to add fiber to the diet as much as possible as fiber provides energy and required potential to the body without causing it any harm. Fruits and vegetables are also to be added to all diets, and juicy fruits can do much more good to any cholesterol patient. 
Exercising is recommended by every medical expert to the cholesterol patients as exercising burns extra fats in the body which the body cannot break down easily. This also reduces the cholesterol levels as the extra fats get secreted from the body and the body can function in a much better way.
Regular exercising is necessary for this to be effective and this is the best and the most effective method to stay healthy and keeping all diseases at bay.
Drinking wine and alcohol is a great cause of high cholesterol levels and avoiding alcohol consumption is a must. People who have a habit of drinking need to get it off for it causes a lot of harm to the body and does not only cause heart diseases, but also damages the liver.
Following these methods can greatly help people suffering from cholesterol as these are very simple steps of doing so and staying healthy forever.
For for more information, you may contact our doctors or other reputable sources such as www.cdc.com, www.who.com, and www.uptodate.com

Sea Salt Diet – Ask online health experts

Sea Salt Diet – Ask online health experts

Salt is an integral ingredient that is important for any recipe. Without salt, no food can be complete and there is no taste in food that is deprived of salt. Salt has become such an important part of life that people would not be able to eat food and like it without salt in it. The importance of salt in food cannot be stressed enough and it is something that is used globally for the preparation of food. What varies is the kind and quantity of salt is a factor which contributes to varying health among different people.

When it comes to salt, there are two kinds of salts which are used across the globe and there is a debate as to which is beneficial for health and which is detrimental. Salt exists in two forms, one of which is natural sea salt and the other is the table salt, which is processed and modified to give a better shape and product look. 
Table salt is considered to be among the many reasons for high blood pressure and hypertension, which is a major problem in today’s world. High blood pressure causes many heart and other diseases and leads to strokes which can be extremely detrimental to the patients’ health. Hypertension also leads to various medical complications and is something that malfunctions the working of the body and the mind. People are generally stressed and increased table salt content in food aggravates this and leads to hypertension.
It is always prescribed by doctors that salt content in food should always be low as it is not good for health. But people always have a tendency to deviate and even the low content of table salt may have some problems associated. 
Sea salt is considered a much better alternative to these problems as it is believed that sea salt, which is naturally occurring and in raw form, in not as hazardous as table salt and provides some essential minerals to the body which can be of great value.
Sea salt is considered to have lower sodium content, and this is a great advantage because sodium is the prime reason for high blood pressure. Consuming too much sodium causes a lot of health related issues and hence sea salt can be a much better option for cooking food.
Sea salt also has some potassium content and other essential minerals that are required by the body, which are not there is table salt. These minerals improve the taste of the food and also enhance the working of the body; hence the use of sea salt in food can be of great benefit in many ways. In can overcome certain mineral deficiencies and can also improve the taste of foods.
Sea salt is not processed so it has a much better and natural taste; hence it is a preferred choice of chefs. Using sea salt can be a much better option in the longer run and can be better for health and blood pressure over the age.

Substitutions for Cow Milk to Enhance Overall Health

Cow milk has been used for generations to drink with meals or to use for cooking purposes. There are a number of people who cannot drink or eat dairy products due to lactose. Lactose intolerance makes it difficult to find foods without such. That is why there are alternatives that can be used instead of getting milk from a cow. One source of information from doctor live chat services.

Soy Milk Has Many Benefits 

Soy milk is one type of milk that many people use. From the soybean, soy milk is mixed with water and a sweetener. It is low in fat and is free of cholesterol. This milk is thicker but is safer. The downside is soy milk doesn’t have a lot of protein, especially if it’s flavored. Rice milk is the second type of milk. This milk comes from milled rice with water. It comes in a wide variety of flavors and is the least type of milk to cause allergies. There is no saturated fat and little to no protein. It is a great substitution for those who cannot drink cow or soy milk. The third kind of milk is almond milk.

The combo of roasted almonds and water filled with vitamins and minerals makes this drink amazing, especially mixed with flavoring. It is an awesome alternative for those who are dieting or want to try something different. It is yummy with cereal and can be mixed in a cup of coffee. The disadvantage to this drink is that it has little protein. Last, but certainly not least, another liquid to replace cow milk is water. Water has no calories or fat and it is easy to access. Instead of using milk in hot cereal, use water. Protein shakes can taste just as good without cow milk and can be replaced with good old H2O. This doctor live chat service has published extensive information on this subject. 

These healthier alternatives can be used in everyday cooking or with a snack. Don’t limit yourself to cow milk and learn to experiment with your taste buds with almond milk, rice milk, or soy milk. Although these substitutions do not have the same amount of protein, that can come from other food sources, and that substitution can still be enjoyed.

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Herbal Products during Breast Feeding

Herbal Products during Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most essential stages of a child’s development and is one of the prime factors that are considered in regard to the health and growth of a new born child. Children rely completely on breastfeeding and all their nutrients and supplication is provided through breast milk in the earliest stages of their lives. Hence, the impact of breast milk is critical and it needs to be ensured that the milk provided to the child does not cause any problem in the development of the child and is not harmful in any way imaginable. 

Many women are critical as to what to take in during breastfeeding stage and what to avoid, since they are worried about the safety and wellbeing of their newborn. They are conscious of their diet plan and are aware that they have to avoid a lot of things during this stage so that the child does not get negatively affected during the breastfeeding process. Because of this reason, women are reluctant and hesitant to take medications or supplications for improving breast milk amount, or to cure any problem they are going through, as the supplication might directly affect the breast milk and would then trouble the baby in the end. Women going through breastfeeding stage are advised to avoid certain products that may interfere with breast milk, and these include synthetic as well as herbal products which may cause harm to the baby.
Lack of knowledge and understanding has led many women to believe that all herbal products are harmful and contagious and intake of any herbal product would have adverse effects on the baby. Even though herbs are not tested and verified, they have been used for centuries and ever since medication was not fully developed. The herbal products have benefited several women going through breastfeeding stage and hence there is no reason to ignore herbal products which can truly benefit the women in this stage.
There are certain safe herbal products which can be used without detrimental effects to the baby, and the mother can solve certain problems she undergoes during the stage, without the need for medications. The important thing that needs to be considered is the fact that only the herbs that have the mildest effects and have minimal side effects should be used. 1% of what the mother intakes goes to the breast milk so it is important that the effect of the herb not be significant and hence the herb would not cause any problem henceforth.
Echinacea can be used safely during breastfeeding stage and the mother can get rid of colds and seasonal illnesses without having to take medications and without affecting the baby. Fennel, elderflower, chamomile and fenugreek have been known to be extremely useful during breastfeeding stage and hence the use would not have any adverse effect on the baby. These herbal products are safe to use and can be beneficial for both the mother and her baby.

Learn To Control Lactose Intolerance

Learn To Control Lactose Intolerance

Moms around the world might think their children play pranks or resort to drama to avoid drinking milk, but they need to wait and reconsider. What if your child is suffering from lactose intolerance? Lactose intolerance is a medical condition, one which makes your body unable to digest any type of food containing lactose in it. Lactose is a kind of sugar which is commonly found in substances like milk and any other milk based products. Any food or drink containing lactose becomes intolerable by the body and there are heavy chances that one might vomit it all out the instant they intake it.

People who suffer from lactose intolerance find it hard to intake any product containing milk. Their body feels sick on the intake of milk or any product containing milk as its significant element. Common problems suffered by people with lactose intolerance include gas, bloating in the stomach, diarrhea and also nausea in some cases. 
Although lactose intolerance makes life difficult for people suffering from it, it is not at all a serious medical condition which cannot be tackled. You need to learn to tackle lactose intolerance and live with it so that it cannot lead to severe medical problems such as osteoporosis which might pose as a severe health issue.
People suffering from lactose intolerance can make a habit of avoiding dairy products from their meals or they can use supplements along with dairy products to help their body tolerate and digest whatever milk containing products that are being consumed. 
Lactose intolerance should govern your lifestyle. There are significant approaches you can take to tackle this condition. For starters, people suffering from lactose intolerance can drink low fat milk. If you form a habit of taking a small cup or a half of low fat milk, your body will learn to tolerate lactose in such small amounts and you can also get to focus on a much balanced diet.
You can always take in low fat milk in combination with other products. Mix in some chocolate or such flavors to change the taste of the milk and take it along your breakfast for better digestion. Also you can eat those dairy products which do not contain pure milk. These can include ice creams (low fat), yogurt, hard cheese and even cottage cheese. These products contain a small amount of lactose in it and therefore will not trigger your symptoms as well.  
You need your proper portion of calcium and you can get that from the intake of lactose free milk and other such dairy products available in the market.
Follow on these dietary habits and you can learn to live easy with lactose intolerance. Don’t let lactose intolerance control you and make you suffer.
Although its nothing too dangerous but it can lead to other severe medical conditions if it becomes prevalent. Learn to tackle it and you won’t have to face any troubles. If the above mentioned tips don’t help, you can always contact your doctor for advice.

Foods and Drug Interactions

Foods and Drug Interactions

People on medications have to face a lot of problems that may not come to mind instantly. One of these problems is the interaction of the medication with the food intake. This kind of interaction is called the food-drug interaction which is one of the most common interactions that take place inside the body. There are other interactions as well, such as drug-drug interaction, drug –disease interaction, and food-disease interaction which all have their own causes and effects and alter the functioning of the body in their own respective manners. The most common of all these remains the food-drug interaction and it is the interaction which results in most of the problems that have been faced by patients regularly.

Medicines are a chemical composition and like any other chemical; they have the tendency to react. They decompose and react inside the body and result in the treatment for which they are used specifically. They serve the purpose by performing chemical reactions inside the body and reacting with molecules to eliminate the disease. Problems arise when that drug reacts other than for the purpose it was used and for the treatment of the disease from which the patient is suffering.
They have a tendency to react with certain foods and beverages, and the reactions eliminate or nullify the purpose of the medication. It may also enhance the effect which may also be disastrous for the patient as too much of something is also bad.
Drugs tend to react vehemently with alcohol and it is stated that the use of alcohol nullifies the effect of the drug taken. The alcohol decomposes the medicine and reacts with it thus the patient does not get the treatment necessary.
The most common food that drugs react with is grape juice. Grape juice is known to cause the worst of the reactions and its impacts are negative. There are several drugs with which grape juice reacts instantly, although the exact number and kind are still unknown. People taking medication for lowering blood pressure should never take grape juice for it tends to cause negative side effects to the patient and the patient may never recover, rather would suffer all the more from the side effects that the drug-grape juice interaction brings about.
Green leafy vegetables are also something that interacts with drugs. They tend to nullify the effect of blood thinning drugs. Patients suffering from thick blood and taking medications for the thinning of blood should avoid the use of green leafy vegetables otherwise they may face adverse effects in the form of cardio vascular diseases.
Chocolate is also a good reactant and tends to increase the blood running in the body. Patients who take medications for antidepressants and patients who have medications to increase blood pressure should not take chocolate parallel as chocolate would shoot up the blood pressure to much higher levels and the patient might suffer greatly in the after math.
Some of these common foods are strictly banned for people who are on medications and it is important to follow these guidelines for a healthy life.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index measures how the food which contains carbohydrate increases the blood glucose levels and affects the sugar levels in the patient. The rankings of food are based on the comparison with an ideal food which has a certain amount of carbohydrate and the effect of which on the blood glucose level is standard. Such a food is considered the comparing point for other foods and the Glycemic index rankings are given based on this comparison. The basic idea about Glycemic index, if summarized in a few words is that the higher the glycemic index, the higher it will raise the blood glucose in a patient’s body. 

Glycemic index is a very important estimate especially in the life of diabetes patients, who are more susceptible to variations in blood sugar levels and who are most affected by these variations inside the body. Glycemic index is a rough estimate for these patients to keep track of their blood sugar level and to maintain and balance their dietary needs in the correct medical manner which would not affect their body and would keep them fit and functional. Foods such as meat and fats are free of carbohydrates so they have no Glycemic index and cannot be classified under this category.
The rest of the foods are classified as high GI, medium GI or low GI and it is always better to stick to foods with low or medium GI. In case when a person really has to take high GI diet, then the diet needs to be balanced with low GI diet so as to nullify or neutralize the effects of high blood glucose levels in the body. Patients suffering from diabetes would suffer greatly after consuming high GI diet and not neutralizing it with low or medium GI diet in the meantime.
The thing about glycemic index is that it works well for people with a diabetes diet as there is no better way to monitor and control the carbohydrate intake and to control the blood glucose levels in the body. The easy thing that GI brings is that it can be tailored to suit the lifestyle of the patient and there does not have to be a significant sacrifice made by the patient when taking a proper diabetes diet. Glycemic index will help to regularize the intake of sugar and would ensure that sugar levels of a diabetes patient do not fluctuate much from the normal range.
Glycemic index helps regulate the blood sugar level which at the end of the day may help prevent insulin resistance inside the body and would help the patient throughout the day. The index also reduces the need for diabetes medication as the patient follows a strict diet plan and is not prone to high and low level fluctuations, which keep diabetes in check. Glycemic index also reduces hunger cues and will eventually help in weight reduction and weight management. All these factors lead to the fact that glycemic index is important for a diabetes diet.

Benefits of Peanut Butter

Benefits of Peanut Butter

There have been a question in health and fitness circles pertaining to whether or not peanut butter is good for you and what the difference is between regular peanut butter and and natural peanut butter. Before talking about the differences, one should know a bit of the history and after the comparison, learn of some alternatives. Peanut butter was developed in the late 1800s by a Canadian chemist, Marcellus Edson. It was made of roasted peanuts, into a thick paste with a bit of sugar and other additives to give it its creaminess. This tasty paste is filled with mono- and polyunsaturated fats and plenty of protein. It comes in both creamy and crunchy/chunky, but the latter has more fiber. 

Now, onto the difference between regular peanut butter and natural peanut butter. Is there a difference? Well, regular peanut butter has additives such as vegetable oils and sugar. Natural peanut butter has very few ingredients listed and not as gritty compared to regular since regular peanut butter has more sugar.  Next, let’s talk about some alternatives to peanut butter.

Almond butter has great amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. It has a better source of omega-3s than actual peanut butter. This can help in heart health and lower bad cholesterol. So many nutrients are packed in this butter. Coconut butter is high in calories, but low in fatty acids. However, it can aid in immune system health and fight infections. Hazelnut butter is another alternative with high calories. There’s not a lot of protein, but plenty of vitamins and minerals. There is even pumpkin butter, cashew butter, and walnut butter. So, be mindful of what you are looking for in terms of taste, what will be going with the butter, and the health benefits involved. There are endless possibilities with whichever butter one decides to choose.