Learn To Control Lactose Intolerance

Learn To control Lactose Intolerance

Moms around the world might think their children play pranks or resort to drama to avoid drinking milk, but they need to wait and reconsider. What if your child is suffering from lactose intolerance? To control lactose intolerance is a medical condition, one which makes your body unable to digest any type of food containing lactose in it. Lactose is a kind of sugar which is commonly found in substances like milk and any other milk-based products. Any food or drink containing lactose becomes intolerable by the body and there are heavy chances that one might vomit it all out the instant they intake it.

People who suffer from lactose intolerance find it hard to intake any product containing milk. Their body feels sick on the intake of milk or any product containing milk as its significant element. Common problems suffered by people with lactose intolerance include gas, bloating in the stomach, diarrhea and also nausea in some cases. 

Although lactose intolerance makes life difficult for people suffering from it, it is not at all a serious medical condition which cannot be tackled. You need to learn to tackle lactose intolerance and live with it so that it cannot lead to severe medical problems such as osteoporosis which might pose as a severe health issue.

People suffering from lactose intolerance can make a habit of avoiding dairy products from their meals or they can use supplements along with dairy products to help their body tolerate and digest whatever milk-containing products that are being consumed. 

Lactose intolerance should govern your lifestyle. There are significant approaches you can take to tackle this condition. For starters, people suffering from lactose intolerance can drink low-fat milk. If you form a habit of taking a small cup or a half of low-fat milk, your body will learn to tolerate lactose in such small amounts and you can also get to focus on a much-balanced diet.

You can always take in low-fat milk in combination with other products. Mix in some chocolate or such flavors to change the taste of the milk and take it along your breakfast for better digestion. Also, you can eat those dairy products which do not contain pure milk. These can include ice creams (low fat), yogurt, hard cheese, and even cottage cheese. These products contain a small amount of lactose in it and therefore will not trigger your symptoms as well.  

You need your proper portion of calcium and you can get that from the intake of lactose-free milk and other such dairy products available in the market. Follow these dietary habits and you can learn to live easy with lactose intolerance. Don’t let lactose intolerance control you and make you suffer.

How long do lactose intolerance symptoms last?

Symptoms of lactose intolerance often include nausea, bloating or swelling of the stomach, stomach pain, diarrhea, and gas after consuming dairy products. These symptoms begin about thirty minutes to two hours after eating lactose-containing foods. These symptoms typically last from a few hours up to two days after ingestion. The severity and duration of symptoms varies depending on the person, the amount of fat in the meal, and the amount of lactose consumed.

Can you become lactose intolerant?

In most cases, lactose intolerance is inherited. For people of African and Asian descent, the body produces a lower amount of lactase starting around five years old. On the other hand, a majority of the Caucasian population has a gene that can make lactase into adulthood.

Congenital lactase deficiency is another way lactose intolerance can occur. Children born with this condition are not able to make any lactase; therefore, are not able to digest lactose and must use a lactose-free formula for nutrition.

Other causes of lactose intolerance include gastrointestinal disorders, viral or bacterial gastroenteritis, and some diseases that change the bacteria composition of the gut.

Lactose intolerance symptoms in babies

Lactose intolerance symptoms in babies include diarrhea from birth, loose stools that are watery, yellow and green stools that occur two hours after drinking milk or consuming dairy, vomiting and nausea, bloating, flatulence, and crying frequently.

Although it’s not too dangerous it can lead to other severe medical conditions if it becomes prevalent. Learn to tackle it and you won’t have to face any troubles. If the above-mentioned tips don’t help, you can always contact your doctor for advice.

If you have any questions about this to control lactose intolerance, ask a doctor chat at Just Health Experts for more information. 


Common Food-Drug Interaction Problems

The chat with a doctor team at Just Health Experts have received a large volume of questions about food-drug interactions. People on medications have to face a lot of problems that may not come to mind instantly. One of these problems is the interaction of the medication with the food intake. This kind of interaction is called the food-drug interaction which is one of the most common interactions that take place inside the body. There are other interactions as well, such as drug-drug interaction, drug-disease interaction, and food-disease interaction which all have their own causes and effects and alter the functioning of the body in their own respective manners. The most common of all these remains the food-drug interaction and it is the interaction which results in most of the problems that have been faced by patients regularly. In this article, we will discuss some common food-drug interaction problems which affect badly to your health.

Medicines are chemical composition and like any other chemical; they have the tendency to react, they decompose and react inside the body and result in the treatment for which they are used specifically. They serve the purpose by performing chemical reactions inside the body and reacting with molecules to eliminate the disease. Problems arise when that drug reacts other than for the purpose it was used and for the treatment of the disease from which the patient is suffering.

Here, are some common food-drug interaction problems that affect your health

They have a tendency to react with certain foods and beverages, and the redactions eliminate or nullify the purpose of the medication. It may also enhance the effect which may also be disastrous for the patient as too much of something is also bad.
Drugs tend to react vehemently with alcohol and it is stated that the use of alcohol nullifies the effect of the drug taken. The alcohol decomposes the medicine and reacts with it thus the patient does not get the treatment necessary.
The most common food that drugs react with is grape juice. Grape juice is known to cause the worst of the reactions and its impacts are negative. There are several drugs with which grape juice reacts instantly, although the exact number and kind are still unknown. People taking medication for lowering blood pressure should never take grape juice for it tends to cause negative side effects to the patient and the patient may never recover, rather would suffer all the more from the side effects that the drug-grape juice interaction brings about.
Green leafy vegetables are also something that interacts with drugs. They tend to nullify the effect of blood thinning drugs. Patients suffering from thick blood and taking medications for the thinning of blood should avoid the use of green leafy vegetables otherwise they may face adverse effects in the form of cardiovascular diseases.
Chocolate is also a good reactant and tends to increase the blood running in the body. Patients who take medications for antidepressants and patients who have medications to increase blood pressure should not take chocolate parallel as chocolate would shoot up the blood pressure too much higher levels and the patient might suffer greatly in the aftermath.

Extra Information

Some of these common foods are strictly banned for people who are on medications and it is important to follow these guidelines for a healthy life. To know more common food-drug interaction problems, you can chat with doctor online and our medical experts will provide you the best guidelines which will not affect your health.

Glycemic Index – Best Tool For Diabetes

Glycemic index measures how the food which contains carbohydrate increases the blood glucose levels and affects the sugar levels in the patient. The rankings of food are based on the comparison with an ideal food which has a certain amount of carbohydrate and the effect of which on the blood glucose level is standard. Such food is considered the comparing point for other foods and the Glycemic index rankings are given based on this comparison. The basic idea about the Glycemic index, if summarized in a few words is that the higher the glycemic index, the higher it will raise the blood glucose in a patient’s body. 

 Glycemic index is a very important estimate especially in the life of diabetes patients, who are more susceptible to variations in blood sugar levels and who are most affected by these variations in the body. Glycemic index is a rough estimate for these patients to keep track of their blood sugar level and to maintain and balance their dietary needs in the correct medical manner which would not affect their body and would keep them fit and functional. Foods such as meat and fats are free of carbohydrates so they have no Glycemic index and cannot be classified under this category.
The rest of the foods are classified as high GI, medium GI or low GI and it is always better to stick to foods with a low or medium GI. In the case when a person really has to take high GI diet, then the diet needs to be balanced with low GI diet so as to nullify or neutralize the effects of high blood glucose levels in the body. Patients suffering from diabetes would suffer greatly after consuming high GI diet and not neutralizing it with low or medium GI diet in the meantime. You can also use online chat with doctor feature through our Just health experts to know about the glycemic index.
The thing about glycemic index is that it works well for people with a diabetes diet as there is no better way to monitor and control the carbohydrate intake and to control the blood glucose levels in the body. The easy thing that GI brings is that it can be tailored to suit the lifestyle of the patient and there does not have to be a significant sacrifice made by the patient when taking a proper diabetes diet. Glycemic index will help to regularize the intake of sugar and would ensure that sugar levels of a diabetes patient do not fluctuate much from the normal range.
Glycemic index helps regulate the blood sugar level which at the end of the day may help prevent insulin resistance inside the body and would help the patient throughout the day. The index also reduces the need for diabetes medication as the patient follows a strict diet plan and is not prone to high and low-level fluctuations, which keep diabetes in check. Glycemic index also reduces hunger cues and will eventually help in weight reduction and weight management. All these factors lead to the fact that the glycemic index is important for a diabetes diet.

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Healthy Benefits Sea Salt Diet

Salt is an integral ingredient that is important for any recipe. Without salt, no food can be complete and there is no taste in food that is deprived of salt. Salt has become such an important part of life that people would not be able to eat food and like it without salt in it. The importance of salt in food cannot be stressed enough and it is something that is used globally for the preparation of food. What varies is the kind and quantity of salt is a factor which contributes to varying health among different people. In this article, we will discuss some healthy benefits sea salt diet.

Facts about sea salt

When it comes to salt, there are two kinds of salts which are used across the globe and there is a debate as to which is beneficial for health and which is detrimental. Salt exists in two forms, one of which is natural sea salt and the other is the table salt, which is processed and modified to give a better shape and product look. 
Table salt is considered to be among the many reasons for high blood pressure and hypertension, which is a major problem in today’s world. High blood pressure causes many heart and other diseases and leads to strokes which can be extremely detrimental to the patients’ health. Hypertension also leads to various medical complications and is something that malfunctions the working of the body and the mind. People are generally stressed and increased table salt content in food aggravates this and leads to hypertension.
It is always prescribed by doctors that salt content in food should always be low as it is not good for health. But people always have a tendency to deviate and even the low content of table salt may have some problems associated. 

Here is the healthy benefits sea salt diet which is as below:

Sea salt is considered a much better alternative to these problems as it is believed that sea salt, which is naturally occurring and in raw form, is not as hazardous as table salt and provides some essential minerals to the body which can be of great value. You can also live chat with doctor through our website Just Health experts regarding healthy benefits sea salt diet. 
Sea salt is considered to have lower sodium content, and this is a great advantage because sodium is the prime reason for high blood pressure. Consuming too much sodium causes a lot of health-related issues and hence sea salt can be a much better option for cooking food.
Sea salt also has some potassium content and other essential minerals that are required by the body, which are not there is table salt. These minerals improve the taste of the food and also enhance the working of the body; hence the use of sea salt in food can be of great benefit in many ways. In can overcome certain mineral deficiencies and can also improve the taste of foods.
Sea salt is not processed so it has a much better and natural taste; hence it is a preferred choice of chefs. Using sea salt can be a much better option in the long run and can be better for health and blood pressure over the age.

If you have any more question, please consult the live chat with doctor group at Just Health Experts.

Body Building Products Safety

Body Building Products Safety

Body Building supplements are usually supplements which enhance the working of the body in one way or the other. Usually used by athletes and during bodybuilding, the purpose of these supplements is to enhance the working conditions of the body in the method most desirable to the taker. This can be in the form of reducing body weight, gaining additional pounds, shaping of the body, building the muscles, or to improve the athletic capabilities. Bodybuilding supplements are pretty common in the modern era where human body needs have enhanced and the need for better performance and standards have made people go towards these dietary supplements in order to enhance their working capabilities and functionalism in the society. 

Body Building Products Safety is not frequently consumed by the general public and is more common for the athletes or builders who have the requirements of an athletic or a fit body professionally and have to fulfill the requirements in order to survive and keep their standing. The use of these drugs or supplements also make them capable of enduring tough working hours and the strenuous conditions of their profession and enable them to able get through challenging physical situations, which would be pretty hard to do otherwise.

The use of bodybuilding supplements has long been debated as to whether it is morally and ethically right or not. People argue for and against the case and have their own perceptions about the matter, defending with logic and theories, and giving the reason for their beliefs. Both the sides have a fair amount to say when it comes to the topic and none is willing to back on this issue. 
Bodybuilding Supplements Provide Vitality  
Using bodybuilding supplements provide the vitality and much-needed boost to the physical aspect of many athletes and allow them to perform in a much better and enhanced manner. It also helps them to speedily get the right body shape and size, reducing or gaining weight, building muscles and becoming what is required of them. Many common people also benefit from the use of these supplements as they help them speedily loose or gain weight, something which is a common problem otherwise. The common people also benefit in the manner as these supplements improve body functioning and people who are ill get a better chance of recovery and defense mechanism in their body, which can fend of viruses pretty well.
On the other hand, these supplements are normally made of steroids, something that is not legal in many situations, especially for athletes and it is not safe either, for many commoners. The thing about steroids is that it speeds up whatever the purpose might be but it tends to have side effects and problems that can truly undermine the good things. The use of steroids is strictly banned in all athletic and professional activities as this gives the person an unfair advantage and superiority. The presence of steroids in the bodybuilding supplements may be a great hindrance for many when using these for their specific purpose. Discussion about Body Building Products Safety is best for you with our online doctors through live doctor chat feature.

Peanut Butter Benefits – Scientific Facts

Peanut Butter Benefits

Peanut butter was developed in the late 1800s by a Canadian chemist, Marcellus Edson. It was made of roasted peanuts, into a thick paste with a bit of sugar and other additives to give it its creaminess. This tasty paste is filled with mono- and polyunsaturated fats and plenty of protein. It comes in both creamy and crunchy/chunky, but the latter has more fiber. 

Now, onto the difference between regular peanut butter and natural peanut butter. Is there a difference? Well, regular peanut butter has additives such as vegetable oils and sugar. Natural peanut butter has very few ingredients listed and not as gritty compared to regular since regular peanut butter has more sugar.  Next, let’s talk about some peanut butter benefits.

Peanut Butter Benefits

Peanut butter has shown to have many health benefits. For a long time, people have claimed that peanut butter can help with many medical conditions and be an overall great option for people that want to live a healthy lifestyle. When considering peanut butter, it is important to understand that the healthiest option is a paste that is made primarily of peanuts without too many extra ingredients. This means that you should watch out for lower quality products that include sugar, vegetable oils and even trans fats in their peanut butter. Some of the potential benefits of peanut butter consumption are:

  • Weight loss by promoting hunger control and feeling of fullness
  • High in healthy fats such as oleic acid and omega-6 fatty acid
  • Good source of protein
  • Rich in vitamins E, B3, B6, folate, magnesium and more
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • High in fiber


Is Peanut Butter Good For You?

As listed above, there are a lot of great nutritional components in peanut butter that can be beneficial for everyone. Peanut butter is rich in nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Although peanut butter should not be consumed regularly, it can be quite beneficial if consumed every now and then in small amounts and as snack replacements to keep you full. When consumed in moderate amounts, peanut butter is unlikely to have any major negative effects as long as sugary drinks, trans fats and other processed foods are also avoided.

Is Peanut Butter Good For Weight Loss?

Many say that peanut butter can help you lose weight. Although this claim itself is not true, it is true that peanut butter can help keep you feeling full for a long period of time. Therefore, a lot of individuals will eat it as a snack in order to control their hunger and thus result in weight loss overtime. However, peanut butter alone should not be used as a weight loss food. In fact, consuming too much peanut butter, especially peanut butter that is not of the best quality and contains many additional ingredients, can cause weight gain. Therefore, methods such as exercise and proper diet are preferred over peanut butter consumption when it comes to weight loss. If peanut butter is occasionally consumed as a snack in appropriate amounts, this can keep you feeling full and decrease the likelihood of over-snacking. This method can help contribute to your weight loss journey.

Peanut Butter for Protein

Peanut butter is a very balanced energy source when you might feel tired and hungry. It is also a great source of protein. Although peanuts are in the legume family, which are a great source of protein, peanut butter alone does not contain enough protein to accurately replace consumption of meat and nuts and beans in a normal diet. Although peanut butter is high in protein, it is not enough for individuals that rely on peanut butter alone for their main protein source.

Peanut Butter Calories

The calorie content in peanut butter can vary depending on which peanut butter product you may choose to consume. As mentioned above, there are many peanut butter products that contain additional ingredients such as sugars and trans fats. This makes the peanut butter less pure and of lower quality due to the high sugar content. Peanut butter with the best benefit is a natural paste made of peanuts that contains little to no sugar or additive ingredients. Calorie content can be as little as 180 calories per serving (with one serving being 1 or 2 tablespoons depending on the brand of peanut butter), to as high as 200 calories.

More Butters!

Almond butter has great amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. It has a better source of omega-3s than actual peanut butter. This can help in heart health and lower bad cholesterol. So many nutrients are packed in this butter. Coconut butter is high in calories, but low in fatty acids. However, it can aid in immune system health and fight infections. Hazelnut butter is another alternative with high calories. There’s not a lot of protein, but plenty of vitamins and minerals. There is even pumpkin butter, cashew butter, and walnut butter. So, be mindful of what you are looking for in terms of taste, what will be going with the butter, and the health benefits involved. There are endless possibilities with whichever butter one decides to choose.  These benefits can be discovered in our ask a doctor chat feature at Just health experts.


Protein Shakes Benefits – Try Now

Fitness devotees talk about the protein shakes benefits. Many of them are on the go, and so, need a protein source that doesn’t require heat or much time. You’ve seen the shakers, the bulky containers or hefty bags, and that infamous scoop hidden beneath the powder. How does one pick the right protein powder for them? How did the first makers of protein shakers come up with this idea? Before the simplicity of these shakes, bodybuilders had to eat as much as they could to get the protein that is found in one drink. It started in the 1950s, but the supplementation popularity didn’t bloom until the 70s and 80s.  Many of them were egg-based, but later on went into whey, casein, and other types of protein. 

Protein Shakes Benefits

There are several benefits in drinking protein shakes, or even adding them to foods. First, and it should be obvious, one can get a lot of protein into their diet. Protein is responsible for muscle growth and overall healing. Second, it is easy to make. One can either buy a protein shake already made at their convenience or take a scoop of protein powder with 8 ounces of water, milk, or juice. Which brings to the third point: it takes less than three minutes to make. A person can use a blender, but that would take longer. Invest in a shaker, with a plastic grill inside. This will help somewhat in removing the clumps caused by the powder build-up. Last, but certainly not least, it takes less time to digest. Real food can take hours to digest while a simple shake takes minutes to reach the muscles and ingests properly. If you are looking for physical progress, it starts in the kitchen. Your diet is what makes your muscles bigger and stronger. 

 Muscle mass naturally relates with age. This usually gains fat and the risk of many chronic diseases. However, this adverse change in body composition can be partly slowed, prevented, or reversed with a combination of strength training and adequate diet.  We also recommend to talk to a doctor online to see if protein shakes could help you.

Best Broccoli Benefits for your health

Broccoli Health Benefits

People differ in thoughts about broccoli. Some love broccoli and go as far as put melted cheese on top; others despise the taste and wonder who decided it was a good idea to eat a miniature tree. Either way, broccoli has the necessary health advantages that should be taken to account when it comes to having a better diet and lifestyle. There are many good reasons why broccoli is indeed a power food. So, let check out the best broccoli benefits which are discussed below:

Broccoli Nutrition

Broccoli has many benefits for the body, including the rich source of nutrition it provides. Broccoli is vitamin D-laden and this is a good thing considering many people are deficient in this vitamin. Instead of supplementation, this is good to help those lacking this vitamin naturally as possible. Along with vitamin D, broccoli contains vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A. It also contains a special flavonoid that aids in anti-inflammatory abilities and helps fight against allergies. Another benefit of broccoli is it can clean the body’s system. There are three different nutrients that eliminate unsuitable substances from the body and starts the process of getting rid of toxins. A third benefit is it fights aging and improves the immune system. An antioxidant in broccoli reduces stress and decline as one age. Fourth, this vegetable can fight cancer. Sulforaphane hits cancerous growth with force and fights against molecular damage. Studies have shown that this improves tissues growth and positive changes. 

Other ways to use broccoli

How to Cook Broccoli

There are many ways as to how to cook broccoli. Steaming is the best option, but one has to be careful to not cook it too long. If the broccoli gets too soft and mushy, the nutrients are gone. People eat broccoli by itself, with melted cheese, carrots, rice, or pasta. There are many variations as to how to add broccoli in different meals. This edible green plant works wonders for those who look to live a healthier lifestyle.

Broccoli Nutrition Facts

Broccoli is mostly made up of water, carbohydrates, and protein. It is a low-calorie vegetable, containing only thirty calories per cup. Raw broccoli is 90% water, 7% carbohydrates, and 3% protein, with nearly no fat. Broccoli also contains plenty of fiber to help with a feeling of fullness and to aid in producing bowel movements.

Is Broccoli Good for Dogs?

Fortunately, dogs do not require many vegetables and fruits to be healthy. Broccoli is safe for dogs to consume if no seasonings or sauces are added. Because broccoli is high in vitamin C and fiber, it can be beneficial for a dog’s health. However, it is important to be aware that broccoli can be a choking hazard for pets and careful attention to this must be used.

To know more broccoli, ask a doctor online from our website Just health experts.

Healthy Protein Food Sources

Protein is a great multi-molecule with specific benefits for overall mental and physical health. Sadly, many people do not know what protein can do for an individual, nor do they know the best sources of protein outside of shakes. Before protein shakes, individuals (especially those in bodybuilding) had to find sources of protein through natural means. Here are some of the best sources of protein.  In this article, we will discuss Healthy Protein Food Sources in details.

 Healthy protein food sources

Here, are the healthy protein food sources discussed in details:

Meat has a great amount of protein. Animal-sourced protein is good but can contain saturated fats. This is why its best to choose the types of meat that can be good for you. Chicken breast, turkey, tuna, tilapia, and lean cuts of red meat can aid in muscle gains and give great sources of vitamins and minerals such as zinc. Lean cuts of red meat have been proven to give the best muscle gains over chicken and turkey. 
Dairy is another great source of protein. This source not only has great amounts of protein but has nutrients promoting overall growth including calcium and vitamin A.  Cow’s milk and buffalo milk provide a lot of protein and energy packed into every 100 ml. Buffalo milk has more protein (4.25 gm) than cow’s milk (3.2 gm). Stock up on milk, yogurt, and low-fat cheeses like cottage cheese.
People forget about the plant source of protein. Beans such as lima, green, kidney, and white beans have great sources protein in each cup. Peas such as black-eyed, green, and chickpeas can contain amino acids that are essential for health. Nuts, lentils, and seeds are other examples. Soy is the most common plant source of protein. East Asian people for thousands of years have eaten this powerful bean and it wasn’t until the 1960s that Americans started to get into soy protein. Additionally, soy aids in lowering bad cholesterol. Great sources of soy are soy milk, tempeh, soy flour, and tofu. 

 Other sources of protein 

These sources of protein are the best way to get it than protein shakes and bars. Shakes and bars can continue a lot of sugar, so be cautious and make sure labels on the back or bottom of the product are read prior to purchase. It is said that one should eat a gram of protein per pound. For example, a 180-pound man should eat 180 grams of protein. Talk to a doctor online for more information.

Reduce Blood Pressure – Scientific Facts

High blood pressure is one of the many common health-related problems that is found in people in the modern age. Many people suffer from improper blood pressure levels, with the high levels being critical and much more dangerous to the health of the person. High blood pressure occurs when the systolic blood pressure is above 120 and the diastolic blood pressure is above 90. High blood pressure can lead to severe problems such as increased pulse rate, tension, headaches and other chronic diseases and can severely affect the functioning of the human mind and the body. People with high blood pressure tend to be alarmed when diagnosed and they often look for solutions in medications, but the real solution to reduce blood pressure lies in changing the lifestyle and habits and this can be done without the use of any medication at all.

The biggest cause of high blood pressure is the use of excessive amount of sodium in the diet. Salts are composed of sodium and the use of salts in excess amounts results in a high blood pressure. If you are conscious about your health and want to reduce blood pressure, you need to reduce the amount of sodium intake and replace it with potassium, which does not harm the body and does not increase blood pressure levels. It is ideal to adopt a low sodium diet habit in your lifestyle to avoid blood pressure issues permanently.

Exercising is one of the most popular methods of improving health and getting rid of diseases and chronic illnesses. Exercising the body also works wonders for high blood pressure patients, and regular exercising for 30 to 40 minutes can do wonders within a single week. This method produces quick results and you would see reduction in blood pressure levels in no time if you exercise on a regular basis.

Changing your diet plan is also integral to reduce blood pressure levels in the body. An improper and imbalanced diet composed of fast and inorganic foods, fatty foods and foods that contain less proteins and fibres and more carbohydrates and fats is one of the major reasons for high blood pressure. These diets increase the weight of the body and which in turn results in excessive blood pressure levels. Keeping the body in shape and fit is important and for that, a healthy diet plan is a must. One needs to take low fat, protein diets, skimmed milk and fruits and vegetables regularly in order to come down to normal levels. Fruits and vegetables do work wonders for the body and it is highly recommended to make good use of it.

Drinking too much coffee or excessive caffeine intake can also lead to high blood pressure. Make sure that you do not take in a lot of coffee regularly and try to cut on the amount. Rely more on green tea which is healthier and more beneficial for the body in the long run. Get advise from our online chat with doctor to find out which ways will work for you.