Benefits of Protein Shakes

Benefits of Protein Shakes

Fitness devotees talk about the benefits of making protein shakes. Many of them are on the go, and so, need a protein source that doesn’t require heat or much time. You’ve seen the shakers, the bulky containers or hefty bags, and that infamous scoop hidden beneath the powder. How does one pick the right protein powder for them? How did the first makers of protein shakers come up with this idea? Before the simplicity of these shakes, bodybuilders had to eat as much as they could to get the protein that is found in one drink. It started in the 1950s, but the supplementation popularity didn’t bloom until the 70s and 80s.  Many of them were egg-based, but later on went into whey, casein, and other types of protein. 

There are several benefits in drinking protein shakes, or even adding them to foods. First, and it should be obvious, one can get a lot of protein into their diet. Protein is responsible for muscle growth and overall healing. Second, it is easy to make. One can either buy a protein shake already made at their convenience or take a scoop of protein powder with 8 ounces of water, milk, or juice. Which brings to the third point: it takes less than three minutes to make. A person can use a blender, but that would take longer. Invest in a shaker, with a plastic grill inside. This will help somewhat in removing the clumps caused by the powder buildup. Last, but certainly not least, it takes less time to digest. Real food can take hours to digest while a simple shake takes minutes to reach the muscles and ingests properly. If you are looking for physical progress, it starts in the kitchen. Your diet is what makes your muscles bigger and stronger.

Best Broccoli Benefits for your health

People differ in thoughts about broccoli. Some love broccoli and go as far as put melted cheese on top; others despise the taste and wonder who decided it was a good idea to eat a miniature tree. Either way, broccoli has the necessary health advantages that should be taken to account when it comes to having a better diet and lifestyle. There are many good reasons why broccoli is indeed a power food. So, let check out the best broccoli benefits which are discussed below:

Here are the best broccoli benefits:

best broccoli benefits

Best broccoli benefits
Broccoli is vitamin D-laden and this is a good thing considering many people are deficient in this vitamin. Instead of supplementation, this is good to help those lacking this vitamin naturally as possible. Along with vitamin D, broccoli contains vitamin K and vitamin A. It also contains a special flavonoid that aids in anti-inflammatory abilities and helps fight against allergies. Another benefit of broccoli is it can clean the body’s system. There are three different nutrients that eliminate unsuitable substances from the body and starts the process of getting rid of toxins. A third benefit is it fights aging and improves the immune system. An antioxidant in broccoli reduces stress and decline as one age. Fourth, this vegetable can fight cancer. Sulforaphane hits cancerous growth with force and fights against molecular damage. Studies have shown that this improves tissues growth and positive changes. 

Other ways to use broccoli

There are many ways as to how to cook broccoli. Steaming is the best option, but one has to be careful to not cook it too long. If the broccoli gets too soft and mushy, the nutrients are gone. People eat broccoli by itself, with melted cheese, carrots, rice, or pasta. There are many variations as to how to add broccoli in different meals. This edible green plant works wonders for those who look to live a healthier lifestyle. To know more broccoli, a ask a doctor live chat from our website Just health experts.

Healthy Sources of Protein

Healthy Sources of Protein

Protein is a great multi-molecule with specific benefits for overall mental and physical health. Sadly, many people do not know what protein can do for an individual, nor do they know the best sources of protein outside of shakes. Before protein shakes, individuals (especially those in bodybuilding) had to find sources of protein through natural means. Here are some of the best sources of protein. 

Meat has a great amount of protein. Animal-sourced protein is good, but can contain saturated fats. This is why its best to choose the types of meat that can be good for you. Chicken breast, turkey, tuna, tilapia, and lean cuts of red meat can aid in muscle gains and give great sources of vitamins and minerals such as zinc. Lean cuts of red meat have been proven to give the best muscle gains over chicken and turkey. 
Dairy is another great source of protein. This source not only have great amounts of protein, but has nutrients promoting overall growth including calcium and vitamin A.  Cow’s milk and buffalo milk provide a lot of protein and energy packed into each 100 ml. Buffalo milk has more protein (4.25 gm) than cow’s milk (3.2 gm). Stock up on milk, yogurt, and low-fat cheeses like cottage cheese.
People forget about the plant source of protein. Beans such as lima, green, kidney, and white beans have great sources protein in each cup. Peas such as black-eyed, green, and chickpeas can contain amino acids that are essential for health. Nuts, lentils, and seeds are other examples. Soy is the most common plant source for protein. East Asian people for thousands of years have eaten this powerful bean and it wasn’t until the 1960s that Americans started to get into soy protein. Additionally, soy aids in lowering bad cholesterol. Great sources of soy are soy milk, tempeh, soy flour, and tofu. 
These sources of protein are the best way to get it than protein shakes and bars. Shakes and bars can continue a lot of sugar, so be cautious and make sure labels on the back or bottom or the product are read prior to purchase. It is said that one should eat a gram of protein per pound. For example, a 180 pound man should eat 180 grams of protein. Talk to a physician for more information.

Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the many common health-related problems that is found in people in the modern age. Many people suffer from improper blood pressure levels, with the high levels being critical and much more dangerous to the health of the person. High blood pressure occurs when the systolic blood pressure is above 120 and the diastolic blood pressure is above 90. High blood pressure can lead to severe problems such as increased pulse rate, tension, headaches and other chronic diseases and can severely affect the functioning of the human mind and the body. People with high blood pressure tend to be alarmed when diagnosed and they often look for solutions in medications, but the real solution lies in changing the lifestyle and habits and this can be done without the use of any medication at all.

The biggest cause of high blood pressure is the use of excessive amount of sodium in the diet. Salts are composed of sodium and the use of salts in excess amounts results in a high blood pressure. If you are conscious about your health and want to reduce blood pressure, you need to reduce the amount of sodium intake and replace it with potassium, which does not harm the body and does not increase blood pressure levels. It is ideal to adopt a low sodium diet habit in your lifestyle to avoid blood pressure issues permanently.

Exercising is one of the most popular methods of improving health and getting rid of diseases and chronic illnesses. Exercising the body also works wonders for high blood pressure patients, and regular exercising for 30 to 40 minutes can do wonders within a single week. This method produces quick results and you would see a sharp decrease in your blood pressure levels in no time if you exercise on a regular basis.

Changing your diet plan is also integral to bringing down the blood pressure levels in the body. An improper and imbalanced diet composed of fast and inorganic foods, fatty foods and foods that contain less proteins and fibers and more carbohydrates and fats is one of the major reasons for high blood pressure. These diets increase the weight of the body and which in turn results in excessive blood pressure levels. Keeping the body in shape and fit is important and for that, a healthy diet plan is a must. One needs to take low fat, protein diets, skimmed milk and fruits and vegetables regularly in order to come down to normal levels. Fruits and vegetables do work wonders for the body and it is highly recommended to make good use of it.

Drinking too much coffee or excessive caffeine intake can also lead to high blood pressure. Make sure that you do not take in a lot of coffee regularly and try to cut on the amount. Rely more on green tea which is healthier and more beneficial for the body in the long run.

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