Chinese Herbal Medicine To Treat Drug Addiction

Our team of experts is processing a number of questions we recently received about Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat drug addiction. Our team of healthcare professionals at Just Health Experts reviewed a recent publication about the issue. The article entitled, Chinese Herbal Medicine for the Treatment of Drug Addiction, was published in the Journal International Review of Neurobiology(

This section abridges ongoing advancements in preclinical and clinical research on Chinese home-grown medications and their neurochemical instrument of activity for the treatment of chronic drug use. We sought Chinese and English logical writing and chose a few sorts of Chinese home-grown medications that effectively affect illicit drug use. Ginseng (Renshen) might be clinically helpful for the avoidance of narcotic maltreatment and reliance. Rhizoma Corydalis (Yanhusuo) might be utilized to counteract backslide to incessant medication reliance. Alkaloids of Uncariarhynchophylla (Gauteng) seem to effectively affect methamphetamine and ketamine compulsion. Both Salvia miltiorrhiza (Danshen) and Radix Pueraiae (Gegen) have advantageous inhibitory impacts on liquor consumption. Sinomenine has been appeared to have preventive and corrective consequences for narcotic reliance. l-Stepholidine, an alkaloid concentrate of the Chinese herb Stephania intermedia (Rulan), lessened the securing, upkeep, and reacquisition of morphine-instigated adapted place inclination and alienated the heroin-initiated reestablishment of heroin chasing. Conventional Chinese home-grown prescriptions might be utilized to supplement current medications for illicit drug use, including withdrawal and backslide. As the atomic instruments of activity of conventional Chinese home-grown prescriptions are illustrated, further advances in their utilization for the treatment of chronic drug use are promising.

Our review of the study indicates that it has great merit for further review. It is difficult to read and comprehend. That is why we recommend that if you have any questions, you can ask doctor online at Just Health Experts. If you would have any further information about whether Chinese Herbal Medicine can be used to treat drug addiction, please ask your healthcare professional or ask doctor online at Chinese Herbal Medicine can interact with other medications that you are taking and can present various side effects.

Get clear skin – Effective tips to improve your skin

Are you looking for tips to get clear skin? We all want to have a perfect, glowing, and clear skin. Most of the people believe it exists, however, for some it is a myth. With hundreds of natural tips, it is challenging to tell which really works. For this reason, we have listed some routines that will help you achieve the perfect and clear skin you desire. You can ask a doctor live chat if you have any trouble.

Here are the five top natural tips to get clear skin.

Wash Your Face Before Going To Bed
Before going to bed, you must wash your face. This is because your skin has a lot of pollutants and bacteria, which will go deep into your pores. These pollutants and bacteria will block your pores. As a result, there is lack of space for your skin to breathe that leads to acne. Whether you have makeup on or not, you must make add it into your day.

Reduction in Stress
Stress is one of the reasons that causes acne. In order to eliminate the skin conditions, you have to reduce stress. It is crucial for you to find ways to relax and reduce stress. Whether practicing yoga is helpful or listening to music relaxes you, find ways that will cut back stress. This will help you get a clear skin. In case you need help in finding a way to relax, use our “online doctor chat” facility.

How to Reduce Stress?

You can do any activity that helps you relax. Some of the ways to reduce stress are:

  • Go for a walk
    Listening to music

Every day our skin sheds a plethora of skin cells. In some cases, there is a buildup of these skin cells that require help to get rid of them. Exfoliating is the solution to eliminate the buildup of skin cells from your pores. This will help you achieve skin free of acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.


How to Exfoliate Your Skin?

We recommend exfoliating your skin after toning and before moisturizing. Our expert dermatologists advise exfoliating 1 to 3 times a week. However, it mainly relies on your skin type. Some of the exfoliators that you can use include salt and sugar scrubs. An effective way to get rid of the buildup is to chemical ingredients such as BHA and AHA. They can go deep into your pores to eliminate the buildup. Hence, if you experience any side effect, you can ask a doctor live chat.

Avoid Greasy food
Another tip for having a clear skin is to avoid using greasy food. One of the reasons to have acne is extra oil that leads to pimples. You can eat baked instead of fried food. Moreover, it will be great if you can avoid fast and fatty foods.

Change your pillowcase every week
When you sleep at night, your pillowcase collects oil and dirt from your hair and face. So, these are the things that will be on your face every night if you don’t change the pillowcase frequently. For this reason, you must change your pillow cover each week.

Therefore, with the help of these routines, you can get clear skin that everyone dreams of. For more information, you can use online doctor chat through our website Just health experts.

Best herbal products weight loss

Whether there are adults or adolescents, everybody is craving for a slim look these days. Inspired by zero-figure celebrities, worried due to obesity-related issues, individuals are laying their hands on every product that will help them lose weight. Miracle weight loss products are springing in every nook and corner, promising millions of obese individuals that these products are a key to healthy and slim life. Out of desperation, individuals tend to forget that these quick-fix methods are no good. What they really need are herbal products that will help them shed kilos without affecting their health in any way. Instead of taking artificial weight loss supplements, herbal weight loss products must be used to control excess weight. In this article, we will discuss best herbal products for weight loss.

Here, are the best herbal products which help for weight loss

Currently, dieticians are recommending herbal tea to cure weight loss issues. Green tea and herbal slimming tea are some of the most common options available to dieters. If you are interested in losing weight, then you would like to bring the slimming tea to your house. It does work wonders! Now our quest begins to determine how weight loss can be achieved through herbal products.

Let’s start by focusing on the weight loss benefits that are offered by green tea. This is a tested herbal remedy. Anybody who has embarked on a weight loss journey must definitely consume herbal green tea. It is known to speed up the metabolic rate which helps burn food much quicker. The reason why most people gain weight is that of the slow metabolic rate. Science says that exercise can increase this rate. Herbal green tea is definitely one of the best weight loss remedies because it is also responsible for the increase in metabolic rate. Combine some exercise with green tea and the results will be worthwhile.
Have you ever boiled hibiscus, ginger, and garcinia in water and drank it every day early morning before breakfast? If you haven’t done that in the past, then you need to do that now. This is because hibiscus and garcinia are the best herbal options you could ask for. It aids weight loss by strengthening the immune system. Consisting of hydroxamic acid that is the main ingredient for weight loss, the leaves are better off when consumed in a drink rather than as extracts. Boil the three ingredients for ten minutes in water and drink your pounds away.
The herbal legacy label valerian root tea as a ‘relaxant and calm-inducing drug’. Thus, whether it is stomach constipation, anxiety, pain, depressive symptoms or other possible conditions that deteriorate the health and leave you in a restless state, this tea will never disappoint. It does wonders to the human body only if the dosage is kept to a minimum. Valerian root tea hails from China and has become quite popular nowadays with a large number of people becoming its consumers. Even while the tea is being researched about and its health benefits are sought continuously, it is vital to point out that the tea cannot be used by everyone. There is an excluding a category of people who should abstain from valerian root tea. You can also ask a doctor live chat about best herbal products through our website Just health experts.
For a healthy lifestyle, the addition of valerian root tea would act like an icing on the cake. You will be healthy without it, but with it, you will look good!
An online doctor is an excellent source of information but useful information can also be gathered at,,,, and many other useful sources. 

Olive Oil Proven Benefits – Health Facts

Olive oil can be very beneficial to an individual’s health. There are endless uses and can aid in one’s wellbeing. Olive oil is a fat from olives and comes in many forms such as bottles, spreads, or sprays. Many people do not know what this fat can do outside of the kitchen, so here we discuss some of the olive oil proven benefits in details.

The olive oil proven benefits are below:

1. Get Heart Healthy with Olives

Olive oil contains a specific type of antioxidant that protects cells from harm. Also, it tackles anti-inflammatory issues. This oil can fight off heart disease in a heartbeat. 

2. Fight Against Memory Loss 

Looking for a way to improve your memory and overall mental functions? Olive oil has been proven to fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and dementia. It is said that the fatty acids may prevent these diseases from occurring in aging men and women.  

3. Strengthen Your Bones with Olive Oil

Olive oil can guard your bones against diseases such as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis decreases bone density, especially in elderly women and women after menopause. More olive oil in the system, the more likely the bones will be more calcified and mineralized. Learn more from a medical doctor or a dietician in order to make sure olive oil can meet your needs.

4. Help Skin and Hair Become Healthier

Skin and hair health can be accomplished by eating or even using olive oil products in areas. Many creams, shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers contain olive oil. It treats dry skin and scalp through its moisturizing properties. Ancient Greeks used olive oil to their benefit for these reasons besides cooking. 

These benefits can help improve one’s overall health. Whether one is looking to strengthen weak bones or grow shinier, thicker hair, olive oil has its multi-purposes and qualities. Not many people know that olive oil doesn’t have to be ingested; it can be rubbed onto specific areas for good results. For more information, you can also talk to doctor online  through our website Just Health Experts. 

Raw Honey: Benefits of Nature’s sweet super food

Honey is one of the oldest foods used in the world and it dates back to centuries. The use of raw honey has been prescribed for centuries and people over the ages have recommended and stressed on the benefits that honey has on the health of humans. Honey is one food that is considered as a superfood for the great number of benefits and advantages that it has and the number of health issues that can be resolved just by the use of honey itself. There are diseases which can be cured by the excessive use of raw honey, and there are diseases which can be reduced in intensity with its use. 

Benefits of raw honey

Honey is one of the sweetest things in the world, but the sweet in the honey has no detriment to the health whatsoever. The use of raw honey would not result in bodily problems which may be assumed due to the high sweetness levels in it. On the contrary, the use of honey helps cure many problems in the body without any side effects and raising other problems.  You can also use ask a doctor live chat feature through our Just health experts to know the benefits of raw honey.
Honey has micronutrients in it which gives the body a defense mechanism much stronger than before and provides a wall against all kinds of viruses and diseases that the body is susceptible to. Honey fights against seasonal viruses and also helps block the way for problems such as cancer. 
In regard to cancer, honey is considered one of the best foods to have to reduce the pain and intensity of it. Since honey has antioxidants, which has the tendency to protect the body against molecules which are cancer causing and which are free radicals. The free radicals have the capability to react and combine and trigger certain processes which may speed up the degradation of the body. This may lead to cancer-causing cells building up in the body and ultimately leading to cancer in the person. For such cases, the use of honey is the ideal thing to do. Honey stops free radicals from combining and reacting and from letting any spontaneous reactions take place.

Some more advantages of raw honey

The biggest advantage that honey is that its regular use prevents all kinds of seasonal and viral diseases from striking the person. The use of honey builds a defense mechanism which resists all viruses and antibodies and stops any diseases taking effect. Problems such as flu and fever may never be an issue for those who regularly use honey and take its doses on a daily basis.
Another great benefit that honey has is that it stops and curbs the spread of bacteria. It has an antimicrobial property which curbs the spread of bacteria in the body. This helps in the prevention of many kinds of diseases, most of which have origins in the bacteria. 
The regular use of honey can reap many rewards. The kind of benefits that honey has makes it a super food and something that cannot be compared to anything else. This food has got to be the best gift of nature to mankind.

The Powers of Maca

The Powers of Maca

Nature has many of its wonders and plenty of secrets. Luckily, scientists and doctors have done their research and uncovered one of Mother

Nature’s hidden talents: maca. Maca is a plant that is found in the Peruvian mountains.  It is related to the radish and has a good odor. There are many ways that this plant is utilized and can show many benefits thanks to its powers.

Females’ hormones can be better controlled when using maca, especially during menstruation and menopause. Cramps can be decreased in intensity, mood swings can be managed, and hot flashes can lower.  If a woman is pregnant, it is not recommended for usage. Maca has been used with great results. 
Libido may improve while using maca. This works for both males and females. Not only can it increase endurance, but it can up the sperm production and help men be more fertile. There is not much scientific research, but reports have said it has slightly helped the sex drive. 
It is important to make sure one’s diet is filled with assorted vitamins and minerals. Maca helps in this department. Maca is rich in vitamins C, B, and E. Other added minerals are zinc, calcium, iron, amino acids, and magnesium. Calcium helps in strengthening teeth and bones as well as keeping hearts healthy. Zinc can help with skin and is can be used for high blood pressure and diabetes. Iron can help in red blood cell production and aid women who lose zinc during their menstrual cycle. Amino acids enhance one’s immune system and work against gaining fat. Magnesium is reported to possible reverse osteoporosis, treat diabetes, decrease risks of cardiovascular disease. With the powers of maca, an individual can get all these vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy life.
The powers of maca can help a person get their health in check. It can be taken in powder or in a form of a capsule. Make sure you consult a physician before taking maca or any product containing any amount of maca.

Can Garlic Lower Cholesterol?

Can Garlic Lower Cholesterol?

The use of garlic as a means to lower cholesterol has been going on for decades and people have a belief that garlic has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body and also provide the vitality and health benefits to the user. Garlic is more commonly used as a seasonal flavor, but there are a significant few who consider garlic as a means to reduce their cholesterol levels and get back to normal levels. In ancient times, garlic was considered a medicine and a cure for various bodily problems such as leprosy, respiratory problems, loss of appetite and dropsy. Such diseases were a major problem for many and medications in the old times found their cure in the use of garlic as herb and as a medicine.

People then started believing that garlic had the tendency to reduce cholesterol levels as well and many of them started using garlic so as to lower cholesterol level in the body. Because cholesterol leads to several problems in the body including heart attack and cardio vascular diseases, having high levels of cholesterol in the body is a major issue and people who could not find the cure in proper medication turned to traditional methods of getting a better health.
Research by Stanford University have concluded that garlic does not have the capability to lower cholesterol levels in the body and is a wrong perception that many people have about it. Using garlic for such a purpose is useless and reaps no rewards whatsoever and the only solution to proper cholesterol levels in the body lie in balancing and controlling the diet intake and making sure that people avoid irregular food activities and heavy and oily foods.
There have been various contradictory researches on this subject but this recent study has reason to believe and argue that all studies which believe that garlic can in fact lower cholesterol in the body are wrong and does not give a fair insight to the use of the material.  The researchers at the university used two samples of fresh garlic because the phytochemical composition of garlic varies significantly.
The study was conducted on these samples. The study suggests that though garlic has alliin which a compound is known for dissolving cholesterol in test tubes, the effectiveness of the method is eliminated when garlic is cooked. By cooking the garlic, the allicin dissolves as it becomes unstable and hence degrades and cannot be used to lower cholesterol. 
The study was conducted on various people who were given a garlic diet for a few weeks and were monitored for the garlic levels. The study proved that the garlic sandwich had no effect on their cholesterol levels and was hence not considered a means to lower cholesterol in the body.
This study has opened up new dimensions to this topic and many who believe that garlic in fact has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels, would have to find good reason and argument to disagree and counter the study.

Herbal Weight Loss Products

Herbal Weight Loss Products

An expanding waistline is not only visibly displeasing but it can also lead to a whole lot of illnesses too. Obesity is a disease in itself which can further contribute to bigger and more serious issues like that of the heart or of the digestive system. Obesity can also significantly contribute to diabetes also. Cardiac problems and diabetes make up about 40% of the deaths around the world. 

Obesity has become so common that it is now being termed as an epidemic around the world.

It is essential to counter obesity for the sake of your own health. For this reason, there comes a new weight loss product in the market every day. The industry of weight loss products is booming with the money people spend on weight loss supplements and tablets, all to no avail. 
Synthetic weight loss supplements and tablets are nothing but an even bigger contributor to health risks than obesity itself. There might be ten out of the thousands manufactured everyday that would trigger weight loss while the others are just hoax.
The best products to lose weight loss and stay healthy during the process are only herbal or those supplements made from herbal products. This is because herbal products are 100% safe to use and pose no side effects which could lead to loss of health along with the weight. 
Herbal weight loss products are known as the best remedy for weight loss around the world. Most of these products are designed to focus on increasing metabolism rate for individuals and help them shed the extra weight naturally. Rather than causing ill effects on the health, herbal weight loss products instead contribute to strengthening the immune system of individuals using them. These products in fact aim at enhancing the fat burning process of the fat and help reduce weight naturally. 
Following are a few natural ingredients being used to manufacture herbal weight loss products around the world:
  • Garnicia Cambogia: is a great herb which prevents against the conversion of carbohydrates into fats inside the body.
  • Gymnema sylvestre: is again an excellent herb which reduces the body’s craving for sugar. 
  • Indian Bdellium: this is also known as Guggulu, and is ideal for reducing cholesterol and also it triglycerides.
  • Terminalia chebula: contains a lot of antioxidants.
Herbal weight loss supplements which are manufactured using these ingredients focus mainly on building the immune system of the body and helping it shed extra fat naturally. Latest technologies allow for extraction of the concentrated essence of these natural herbs and the supplements then manufactured from the products are 100% safe and ideal for weight loss.
The best thing about herbal weight loss products is the fact that they don’t even cost as much as the synthetic weight loss products. They help the body to lose fat naturally and gradually which gives a more long lasting effect than the synthetic ones. If you combine the use of herbal weight loss products along with a balanced diet and a good workout routine there is a likely chance of swift weight loss and permanent results.

Benefits of Valerian Root Tea

Benefits of Valerian Root Tea 

A vernacular saying goes like this: ‘When a person falls ill, they realize the importance of health’. If we dwell on this saying, it hits. It is true how a person can only realize the importance of a healthy life when it has been snatched away from them. Of what use is living if a person has to wake up in pain, drag himself throughout the day and find no relief at all. Coughing, sneezing, fighting the disease, human beings lose focus and control with fading health. This is why health is known to be wealth. It is because a fit person can only fight for survival while the one unable to survive due to illness is already dead.

Food carries nutrition. However, not all kinds of food items carry nutritive value. Some destroy the immune system while some cause irreparable damage. Nonetheless, some food items are highly nourishing. Valerian root tea is one such eatable. Health benefits of valerian root tea are endless. This article will look into the myriad benefits that must be taken advantage of for a great and fit life.
What is the valerian root tea? It was a medicine tea that was prescribed by Hippocrates to his patients who had trouble sleeping. This drug was prescribed due to its rich and pleasant aroma which was used in perfumes. However, due to the changing times and the receptor developments, the original smell of the tea is not identified anymore.
The valerian root tea was invented for the basic goal of curing digestive troubles. Now, it is being used to deal with insomnia. Sleeplessness issues have persisted for long now. While tea has been commonly associated with keeping a person alert, valerian root tea induces sleep. U.S military used this drug as a ‘shell shock’ from 1820 to 1936. This drug aims to induce occasional sleep and even used for chronic sleep related problems. How does this drug relief insomnia? This drug actually works as a relaxant allowing the person a restful sleep. It is recommended by most physicians to use this drug 45 minutes before retiring to bed. This is because this tea will ensure maximum effective results.
Valerian root tea is more of a herbal treatment instead of a medical one. Studies conducted on animals revealed that this drug has properties similar to benzodiazepines in that both act as anti-depressant drugs. Without impairing the psychological skills much, the drug can be used as a mild hypnotic for patients suffering from lack of sleep.
Apart from curing sleep related problems, Valeria root tea, being a relaxant, helps calm down irritable bowel movement. The relaxing property can also help in calming depressive symptoms in persons. Nevertheless, over consumption of this tea will induce sever diarrhea thus the limits must be placed in order to avoid difficult times later.
Women can use this drug to get rid of bodily cramps during their menstruation days.
The drug does not merely work effectively on humans; it does wonders to animal conditions too. Since this herb is remarked as a calming herb, this is used as an alternative solution to chemical tranquilizers to prevent the animals from reacting violently during aggressive situations.
If there are social anxiety disorder sufferers, then doctors are now recommending this drug to them in order to stimulate a relaxing state.

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger is commonly used throughout the world as a cooking spice. In addition to this, this spice is being used for centuries in Asian, Indian and Arabic herbal traditions to treat illnesses. Ginger is believed to carry major significance medicinally. Just as it adds to the richness of the food, it also helps make a person feel better about him. When it comes to health care, ginger is a powerful remedy.

The health care professionals are continually studying the benefits of ginger root. They are striving to unlock the many mysteries behind this root and how it can be used in medicines, herbal treatments and as a home remedy. Studies have been performed to prove how the root is beneficial for human health in a variety of ways. In fact, it is known about ginger that it can cure minor and major illnesses.
While exploring the myriad advantages of consuming ginger, let’s begin with stating the fact that it is an anti-inflammatory food. Every time your stomach lurches making you feel queasy, have ginger ale. So, you will not need to turn to some artificial pain killer medicines, sipping ginger ale will calm your upset stomach. You cannot just use ginger on an upset stomach, you can eve consume this spice if you want to relieve your arthritis pain.
Ginger acts as a pain-killer because it has anti-inflammatory compounds known as Gingerols. This compound is the reason why people are able to move around comfortably with their painful medical conditions. Adding ginger in their regular diet keeps the pain at bay. These compounds prevent formation of inflammatory cytokines. These are the chemical messengers of the immune system.
Ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties have been proven clinically. Rheumatoid arthritis patients, who had not just gotten partial relief through conventional drugs, were tested for the effects of ginger on their health. One patient consumed about 50 grams of lightly cooked ginger while the rest of the patients took 5 grams of fresh ginger or even 0.1 gram of powdered one. These patients reported considerable improvement in their medical condition such as pain relief, less swelling and morning stiffness and increased joint mobility.
Furthermore, in a follow-up of this study, a total of 28 patients out of which 18 had osteoarthritis and 10 experienced muscular discomfort, the effects of taking powdered ginger for three months to 2 years were checked. Seventy-five percent of arthritis patients and nearly hundred percent of the muscular patients reported complete relief from swelling and pain in the joints. 500-1000milligrams was the recommended dosage. However, patients consuming far greater than this amount showed quicker relief.
Ginger must not be consumed in huge amounts. It contains active substances. Studies have been done mostly with powdered ginger, fresh ginger is equally beneficial because it has enzymes.
Apart from comforting pain, ginger fights nausea and vomiting too. Especially if it is consumed before surgery or taken regularly by pregnant mothers, it helps the mothers get rid of hyperemesis gravurdum. Studies where 250 milligrams were used showed that the patients found a decrease in their nauseated conditions.
To fix the camel in a bowl, ginger root is filled with nourishment and health benefits. In order for a person to function normally in his life, health must not be compromised at all. Ginger root must be added to daily diet for health purposes.