Sun Protection Questions You Must Need To Know

Sun Protection Questions 

Sunburn and heat are usually associated with hot summer days when the sun is out in its full might, shining brightly and with extreme might. The UV rays and the heat of the sun during summers are too much for people to bear in the warmer areas, and there is an extreme risk of sunburn and UV rays harm which may cause cancer and other diseases. The sun can be very harmful in the summer but that is not only for the summer as the winter sun is also as dangerous as the summer sun, and even though the intensity of heat is lower in winters, this does not reduce the risk of cancer and UV rays.

The sun of winters is as much harm and preventive measures are as much necessary as they are in the summers. In this article, we had discussed some of the sun protection questions which might prove very helpful for your skin

Sun protection questions

People have a perception that sunburn is directly related to the intensity of heat and this is a misconception that needs to go away. The sun is equally likely to cause sunburn in winters with low heat intensity as it will cause during summer days. Winter sun does not mean that the sun has lost its potential and that there are fewer UV rays. It is only the temperature that is lower, but the sun is still emanating the same amount of UV rays which will cause cancer if they interact with the human body unblocked.
Going into more detail, winters pose a much bigger threat for sunblock which is applied becomes dried off and has to be constantly reapplied for it to be effective, which is not the case in summers. In winters, the weather is cold and dry and hence the sunblock is not as effective. Also, the skin develops cracks and the lips burn. Applying a sunblock and a lip balm at all times when out in the sun is important otherwise the body will be exposed to the UV rays and there will be a great chance of cancer and other diseases.
A little sun even in winters for people who have fair skin is a threat. The exposure to the UV rays can immediately cause a tan and then a sunburn which will lead to skin cancer in the longer run. Covering the head and the neck and ears are integral when out in the sun. The face and arms should have a proper sunblock with an SPF rating of 15 or higher, depending on the weather conditions. 


Sunburn can be caused in winters and this is something that people really need to understand. Taking a sunbath or going unprotected in the sun is equal to the same amount of cancer exposure that would be caused by smoking a cigarette. Application of sunblock is integral and there is no other method to protect skin from burning and the UV rays. If you want to know about the benefits of sun protection from doctors, then you can ask a doctor online from our website just health experts.
It is equally important to take care of skin and avoiding the sun in the winters for staying healthy in the longer run. These steps need to be followed to avoid skin cancer.

Vitamin D Deficiency – Common Symptoms

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins required by the body and it is one that can be availed in abundance without doing anything. Nature has provided the means for vitamin D in the sun and sun is the most abundant source of vitamin D that is so much needed by the bones in the body to stay strong. Sun provides the essential nutrient for the bones to utilize calcium and stay fit in the best manner.  So, let’s see some common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency in this article.

Vitamin D deficiency is a problem that is faced by many in the regions where the weather is mostly cold and there is not enough sun throughout the daytime. Sun exposure is not a very good thing if it happens in excess but having no exposure at all can also lead to several problems which can be quite devastating. Sun exposure provides for the essential vitamin and it is important to get a little sun exposure so the body gets the correct dose of vitamin D and does not become deficient of it.
Vitamin D deficiency is a great problem as it is normally related to rickets, a disease which is a serious problem in kids and it can lead to osteomalacia in adults, which is also very severe. Rickets normally leads to soft bones and skeletal deformities as the bones do not get enough vitamins to utilize the calcium for strength. Not having enough amount of vitamin D can lead to other diseases as well which is a serious threat to health overall.
These diseases include increased the risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases which are caused by a deficiency of the vitamin. It can also lead to asthma and cancer which are both very detrimental and cannot be cured easily.
There are certain ways in which the vitamin D of the body can be increased to levels that are required by the body. These methods are extremely important for the health factor and must be followed with the guidance of a medical expert. You can also discuss the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency by our chat with doctor feature from our website Just health experts.
The most important thing is to expose the body to the sun for vitamin D. This must be done with proper care and using a sunblock and lip balm as per requirement of the place. The sun exposure can get the right amount of vitamins for the body to help strengthen bones and provide enough strength in the longer run.
Another method, one which is most effective and most used, is the method to take vitamin D supplements. This is common in places where there is never enough sun to expose the body too and people do not get enough time during the day to do so. Vitamin D supplements can do a great deal of good if taken with the prescription and guidance of a medical expert as these have the right dose of vitamin D which causes the body to utilize it as needed.
Taking proper diet can also be a way to improve vitamin D content in the body but that is not as effective as the above two mentioned methods and following them can do a great deal of good.

Heart Problems Preventative Measures

Heart problems are pretty common in today’s world and there are many people who suffer from heart diseases and heart attacks on a regular basis. The number of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases is always very high and it is something that keeps on rising. This rise is due to several bad habits and wrongdoings on the part of the patient which leads to unhealthy life. Heart problems can be devastating and may take a life eventually but that does not mean that it cannot be controlled or there does not exist a mean to stay healthy if you have suffered from heart diseases or are likely to due to some genetic factors.

Below are the some of the preventive measures which we must be followed to avoid heart problems

Some practices and alterations to lifestyle can do a great deal of good for the future of the patient and can most likely prevent heart problems in the future. Following the simple methods and controlling activities can lead to a healthy and safe life, and can be beneficial to the person and the family.
The most devastating habit that leads to heart diseases and eventually heart attack is the smoking habit. Smoking is considered to be the worst habit, especially for heart patients as it is detrimental in the worst possible way to the patient. The nicotine content in the cigarettes can block the arteries and prevent the flow of blood to and from the heart. The blockage of the arteries can cause the heart to be deprived of blood and hence it has to work harder in order to fulfill the needs, which can eventually lead to a heart attack. This extra burden on the heart is extremely devastating and can lead to severe problems for the patient, and eventually death.
Avoiding smoking is extremely important if one is to survive the heart disease and there is no amount of smoking that is tolerable and acceptable for the patient. Carbon monoxide that accumulates in the lungs and the arteries make it difficult for the blood flow. It also causes difficulty in breathing and lowers oxygen levels. Smoking is certainly the worst habit that a heart patient can have and it is something that needs to be stopped immediately for a healthy life.

Following these methods can do a great deal of benefit in avoiding future heart diseases.

Exercising is also very important for heart patients. Heart patients are required to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes or so for this is important for their body and heart. The heart gets a good exercise and becomes healthier in the longer run. It gets the ability to perform better and the entire system of the body improves due to exercise. You can also talk to a doctor online or other heart specialists from our website Just Health Experts.
Diet control and diet plan is another important method for avoiding heart problems in the future. Heart diseases require the person to let go of oily and fatty diets which may increase chances of heart attacks. Vegetables, white meat, and low carb diets are important for keeping healthy and provide the essential nutrients needed by the patient for keeping healthy.
You can talk to a doctor online through Just Health Experts and have all of your questions answered.