Dandelion Root Affects Colorectal Proliferation

Dandelion Root Affects Colorectal Proliferation

We’ve received numerous questions from both the public and healthcare professionals about whether Dandelion Root affects Colorectal proliferation. Our team of health researchers at Just Health Experts reviewed a recent publication about the subject. In an article entitled, Dandelion root affects colorectal proliferation and survival through the activation of multiple death signaling pathways, researchers studied the effect, which was published in the Journal Oncotarget.

Review of Dandelion Extract 

Dandelion extracts have been studied quite extensively over the years for its anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory activity. However, laboratories all over the world are now studying it for its potential cancer benefits. The aqueous dandelion root extract (DRE) has shown some promise in several cancer studies with no negative effects on healthy cells. In this study, the researchers studied the cancer cell-killing effectiveness of DRE in colon cancer cells. DRE induced programmed cell death (PCD) is greater than 95% of colon cells within 48 hours of therapy. The anti-cancer efficacy of DRE was confirmed in live studies as when given orally retarded the growth of human xengraft models by more than 90 percent.

The researchers found that the activation of multiple death pathways in cancer cells by DRE treatment, as revealed by gene expression analyses showing the expression of genes implicated in programmed cell death. Analyses of the DRE extract showed complex multi-component composition of the DRE, including some known bioactive phytochemicals such as α-amyrin, β-amyrin, lupeol, and taraxasterol. This indicated that this natural extract could engage and effectively target multiple vulnerabilities of cancer cells. Therefore, DRE extract could be a non-toxic and effective anti-cancer alternative, instrumental for reducing the occurrence of cancer cells drug-resistance in some patients.


Our review of the study is as follows. It has great merit for further study. It is fairly difficult for a non-healthcare profession to read and understand it. That is why we recommend that if you have any questions, use chat with doctor through our website.

If you would have any further questions about whether Dandelion Root can be used against Colorectal Proliferation in humans, please ask your healthcare professional or use chat with doctor facility at Just Health Experts. Dandelion root can be associated with several side effects and several potentially serious drug interactions. Some side effects reported with dandelion root include a headache, nausea, vomiting, and feeling jittery and sluggish.

Secrets Longest Lifespan – DNA Elders

Secrets longest lifespan – DNA Elders

Are you thinking what the secret to long life is? Everyone wants to know the secret to living a happy and healthy life. There is no fountain of youth, it’s all a myth. This doesn’t mean that there is no hope for you. You have the power to change your habits that have a direct impact on how long you live. The secret to long life is by adopting an active and a healthy lifestyle. There is an increase in a number of supercentenarians who hardly had any illness or disability before their death. This was because of their habits that lead them to live a longer life. Do you want to more about healthy habits? Contact our live doctor chat, for more information. Also, read our whole article Secrets longest lifespan – DNA Elders to know in details

In this write-up, we have talked about the notion given by some scientist for having a longer lifespan. Here is the reason why some people live longer than the rest.

Secrets longest lifespan – DNA Elders

Real Reason for Living Longer is in the DNA

We all believe this idea that healthy eating habits and lifestyle help increase your lifespan. Some scientists’ are of the view that the secret to longer life may be present in the DNA.

  • An elder woman told her secret to a healthy lifestyle was morning walks and chocolate.
  • Another women, Emma Morano was of age 117 when she died. According to her, the secret of long life is no husband and raw eggs.

The DNA was collected by these elders and was given to researchers who wanted to study them. The supercentenarian genomes are considered as a great source for studying healthy aging. Most people consider lifestyle and luck are the 2 factors that determine how long a person will live.

It is believed that the people who have longer lifespan have a genetic advantage. This advantage can be because of getting fewer normal DNA that increases that chances of various conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and a heart condition. If you wish to know more about this idea, you can use live doctor chat feature.

Challenges Faced When Collecting DNA Samples

There has been a difficulty in getting the genetic code. The researchers have restricted the age of the DNA donors making it difficult to get the DNA of the elders. According to the New England Centenarian Study, the people under the age of 103 are too young.

Mr. James Clement gathered the DNA samples from supercentenarian in various states and countries. It took almost 6 years to collect the samples. Clement mentioned most of the people were driving, gardening, arguing, and flirting. The only problem is that there is no use of such a small study. It is reported that traits such as height, chances of disease or body mass index are the result of various combinations in the genome. These are known as phenotypes.

In order to better understand the phenotypes, more resources are needed. Thousands of more DNA samples are required for the study, but the number of supercentenarians is around 150. There are other problems that occur when collecting DNA. Many countries have a vague birth record. This makes it more challenging as the identification of supercentenarian is impossible.

Moreover, this much of information is not enough to explain the longer lifespan of supercentenarians. It was found that they are healthier than centenarians in their final years. This helped the scientists to come to the conclusion that supercentenarians have a code in their genetics that protects them from aging.

Therefore, the secret to long life is present in the DNA of supercentenarians. If you have any query you can have a live doctor chat. Do you want to know more about this topic? Please visit Just Health Experts to speak with an online doctor.

Pharmacist Advice Should Be Utilized

No longer are pharmacists the only people who provide you with medication as per your doctor’s prescription. Over the time, the role of the pharmacists has clearly been revised and has emerged as one with authority over medicines and their usage. Today a pharmacist can provide you with authentic information regarding a certain medicinal drug and can also suggest you potential alternatives if the drug prescribed by the doctor doesn’t suit you, isn’t available or is too costly as per your budget. In this article, we will discuss some of the valuable pharmacist advice which definitely helps to maintain your health.

Here, is the  pharmacist advice which every pharmacist generally give to his/her patients

Because pharmacists work closely with medicines and deal with people throughout the day, they have a better idea about the effectiveness or side effects of any particular drug. They can tell you potentially if a certain drug prescribed by the doctor is effective or has had side effects on other people based on their interactions with patients on regular basis. Because pharmacists also receive formal education about handling medicines, they are people you can consider having good authority over the use of drugs.
Free advice from the pharmacist should be utilized as it costs you nothing and yet can turn out to be beneficial for you. If you are suffering from symptoms of any common ailment, you can relate them to a pharmacist and he/she can provide you with an effective medicinal drug to treat the ailment. You save money that you would’ve paid the doctor, you get your medicines and that too the ones which suit you.

Extra information

If you relate your allergies to a pharmacist before purchasing a certain medicine they can tell you if the prescribed medicine will suit you or will cause reactions. Because pharmacists know about the ingredients and make the medicine more properly, they are in a better position to advise you the alternative of certain medicines and thus help you escape unwanted reactions or side effects.
Usually, patients don’t go to doctors to relate to them whether a certain medicine was effective to treat them or not. But yes, they do tell it to the pharmacist for certain on their next visit. This first-hand information from the patients gives pharmacists inside knowledge about which medicine works for sure and which medicine is a waste.
If you think a doctor has prescribed you a certain medicinal drug that is far out of your budget, you can consult your pharmacist for a similar alternative. Pharmacists can provide you with not just one but a number of alternatives for your medicines with the same ingredients and constituents so that you get what your doctors initially prescribed for you. You can also talk to a doctor online before pharmacist advice for any medical drug
Because their advice is free, people don’t consider the pharmacist’s advice of much value. Everyone has become used to the fact that quality does not come free; however, consulting a pharmacist can potentially change your views about that. Not just they can provide you with a free consultation and prescribe you medicines for your common ailments, they are available all the time and you don’t have to get in queues for your turn. Pharmacists certainly have an authority over medicines and their advice shouldn’t be ignored. 

Long Term Proton Pump Inhibitor Use

Long Term Proton Pump Inhibitor Use

Traditionally proton pump inhibitors (PPI) have been used for a variety of problems related to the gastrointestinal system. Long term proton pump inhibitor use is starting to be a major concern.

A patient will present to a doctor’s office, pharmacy, or nurse or even consult an online doctor service with complaints of heartburn. The response from different healthcare professionals can be as diverse as the many products that are out there.

Let’s start with the most common. Pharmacists tend to lean towards drugs called H2 Blockers as a first resort, which is after heartburn tablets have shown to be ineffective. But if the patient has already tried an H2 Blocker such as Zantac, they are pretty much ready something more effective. Pharmacists are not shy about then recommending OTC products such as Prilosec OTC which is a PPI.

The second type of healthcare workers to be consulted is doctors. Usually this is done after the patient has tried everything possible at the pharmacy. But having tried the most effective drug such as Prilosec PPI, doctors really have few options besides surgery available to them other than prolonging the PII drug use.

And that’s where the problem lies, especially since PPI’s are notorious for causing community acquired pneumonia and a bacterial stomach infection called C. Difficile. C. Difficile is difficult to treat without antibiotics and can require hospitalization.

So why are doctors prescribing something they know has long term negative health effects on their patients? The answer is that they simply don’t have many options after a patient has already tried heartburn tablets, H2 Blockers, and finally PPI’s.

So what should patients do? The answer is to find a doctor who specializes in treating gastrointestinal disorders. This is the most effective way to not only get lasting help but also reduce your chances of acquiring dangerous side effects.  It is also the best way to avoid long term proton pump inhibitor use.  Start online chat with doctor at Just Health Experts to see if you’re showing symptoms from use.

Baby Bear Child Struggle – Trending Topic

Baby Bear Child Struggle

Bearing a child in your womb is the greatest miracle on earth. It is indeed also the most beautiful ever witnessed. However, there are some complications involved in bearing a child. While some women and men are naturally blessed with the capability of bearing a child, there are others who are suffering from infertility problems. Infertility is a physical condition when the individual is incapable of participating in procreation. Most people believe that infertility is hard to overcome. Some see it as a permanent monster. Due to the misinformation offered by inexperienced individuals, potential parents fail to look for professional help to their problems. They forget the fact that science and technology has made it possible to defeat the demon of infertility.

About Baby Bear Child Struggle

The article will be a guide to couples looking to treat their infertility problems. If you are growing your tired of your infertility concerns, then take a look at some of the options below. Who knows one of these may work as a weapon to deal with your infertility. 

According to a study published in June 1996 on tight-fitting underwear and sperm production, it was revealed that men who intend to father a child must not wear tight underwear and keep away from saunas and hot baths because they are known to raise the temperature of the testes to a degree where sperm production is seriously affected. However, the causes of infertility are not restricted to the boxers. Couples are advised to seek evaluation if they notice any of the following problems:
  • The menstrual cycle is irregular. Irregularity in menstruation indicates problems with ovulation which means that the woman cannot get pregnant without any medical help.
  • Secondly, if the woman has had numerous miscarriages or if the previous partner of the husband has suffered miscarriages, then doctor consultation is necessary to examine the sexual health of the male.
  • Infections of the private parts are also indicators of infertility issues. If the couples seem to be suffering from mumps, prostrate infection or vaginal infection, then help must be sought immediately.
  • Also, if the attempts at pregnancy have failed in the past, then the couple will have to seek medical help to understand better.
If any of the aforementioned problems appear, then the next step that doctors follow are some tests that are conducted on both men and women. In some  cases, it is not evident who is impotent, therefore, tests like mucus penetration tests, x-ray tests and hamster-egg penetrance tests are conducted to test men for infertility. For women, the major tests encircle ovulation. Laparoscopy and endometrial biopsy are some of the major tests that help assess menstruation cycle and sexually transmitted or present diseases.
To treat the issues, some drugs like Pergonal, Fertinex, Humegon are prescribed to women. The results of the drug are quite promising. In most cases, 10 to 20 percent pregnancies that occur due to fertility drugs are mainly multiple births. Moreover, if drugs are not of any help, then the last option that men and women resort to is surgery where the fallopian tubes, uterus are restored so that they could operate better. Baby bear child struggle is a hot topic, especially among first time mothers. Calm your fears by voicing concerns with our live chat with doctor feature at Just Health Experts.
Finally, infertility is not as scary as it may sound. While the society has stigmatized infertility, labeling impotents as ‘non-human’, this is not true. It is advised to consult a doctor when such problems are noticed.

Increase Testosterone Naturally

Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is a potent hormone that is dominant in males. It is responsible for developing characteristics such as, but not limited to: muscle growth, libido, and bone thickness. As men age, their testosterone levels can decrease, which can turn into what is called andropause. Less muscle mass, lower sex drive, and weaker bones can result when testosterone lowers. Also, there are men who are looking to increase their levels so they can have more muscle and strength for a brawnier figure. Aside from hormone replacement therapy, there are some ways to naturally increase such levels. Luckily, there are a myriad of ways to achieve this.

Ways to increase testosterone naturally

● Beef Up Muscle Bellies with Barbells

 Barbells, dumbbells, and other strength machines can aid in the production of more testosterone. Lifting weights can not only help in gaining mass, but shed fat. There’s a wide variety of muscle-building exercises such as barbell curls and military presses. Barbell curls are when a person stands upright, shoulder-width apart, and grips both hands around barbell bar (with plates, of course). The person curls the barbell towards themselves and repeats the action. Three sets of 10 repetitions can be a good way to start. Military presses are when a person grips a barbell or two dumbbells with their palms facing forward and then, raises them overhead and back down in front of their chest. The person can be standing with their legs shoulder-width apart, or in a sitting position. These are just a few examples of exercises that can be done to naturally increase your levels.

● Change Up Your Diet

Another way to increase your testosterone is through the miracles of food. If a diet is nothing but chips, bacon, and white bread, then your body isn’t going to increase that hormone and will clog up arteries. An individual should be eating clean, so make some substitutions. Eat whole-wheat bread instead of white bread; eat turkey bacon instead of regular bacon; and, make your a version of potato chips with sweet potatoes instead of regular baking potatoes. Foods such as natural peanut butter, eggs, nuts, and green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach, can aid in boosting testosterone levels. 

● Count Some Sheep

If you’re not sleeping, then this can make matters worse. Studies have shown that individuals with less sleep are more likely to put on the pounds. Also, testosterone production occurs while men sleep. So, decrease the caffeine intake, go to sleep earlier, and if possible, take a supplement called melatonin to help with falling asleep. Talk to a medical physician, of course or use the our doctor online chat feature at Just Health Experts to get answer of any questions you may have from our online doctors.


These three tips are just a few examples of how to increase testosterone naturally. Get active, cut back on the junk food, and get plenty of rest. Try to do these things little by little, and it will get easier. It is important to talk to a medical doctor, of course, so that way one can get their hormonal levels checked through bloodwork. These alternatives can work wonders. 

Pharmacist Consulting Benefits

Pharmacist Consulting Benefits

Medical treatments, be it even for a sore throat or fever, can seem to be a dent in the pocket. First, you have to pay the physician his consultation fee and then buy the medicines prescribed by the same from a pharmacy. Thus, the whole procedure can turn out to be costly and might even upset your budget too.

Here.  we list out about pharmacist consulting benefits in details:-

In such situations, there is a very cost-effective alternative available to all. If you are suffering from symptoms that attribute to common illnesses like the cold, fever, sore throat, skin rash or body ache, you have a very affordable alternative available at your end. Consulting your pharmacist for such common ailments can be the most affordable and reliable health resource available to you.
Pharmacists can advise you as well as your doctors about medications for common ailments because they receive their own proper training which helps them to discern medications for various types of ailments. Since pharmacists are available throughout the day, you also don’t need to schedule an appointment to see one or get medication for the symptoms that you might be suffering with. 
Pharmacists can be a very reliable medication resource for you as they receive first-hand reviews about certain medicines from the patients themselves. As a patient, you yourself know that you will never go to the doctor to tell them about how good or how effective a drug had been to counter your illness. However, when you visit pharmacists, you are bound to tell them about how effective or how ineffective a certain drug had been. 
Also when you visit a pharmacy for a certain drug prescribed by your doctor and as it happens the drug is not available there, the pharmacists recommend you an alternative of the same dosage and you gladly purchase it too.  Also in cases where a certain drug is very expensive, you ask pharmacists for its more economical alternative. Deep down you know that the pharmacists know as much about the medicines as the doctor and thus can prescribe you authentic alternatives or drugs for common ailments.
Pharmacists always stay up to date about the effectiveness of the drugs they sell. Because they run a pharmacy, they encounter patients throughout the day and receive first-hand information and feedback about drugs from the patients. This puts them in an advantageous position which allows them to be able to prescribe medicines for common problems very easily.
Pharmacist consulting benefits can help you save some significant amount of money. If the symptoms of the illness refer to a common ailment you can always head straight to a pharmacist and ask about the medication which would work best in such a situation thereby, saving money and a trip to the doctor as well.
However, keep in mind that your health is more important than the money you can save. Therefore if you think that what you are suffering through might be something serious, never hesitate to visit the doctor. In such situations, expert advice is needed and doctors can guide you better. If you are too busy to go to the pharmacy? Ask a dr online at Just Health Experts to get your answers instantly from online pharmacists.