Foods Strictly Avoid Pregnancy Time

Pregnancy is a very critical stage in which special care must be taken by the mother to ensure the wellbeing and proper development of the baby. The baby is in its earliest stage and needs all the right nutrients and food to develop and grow healthy. A little carelessness on part of the mother may put the life and health of the baby in danger and may be detrimental to the health of the baby and the mother herself.

There are certain restrictions and limitations which the mother has to follow during pregnancy and these restrictions apply to the food intake and the diet of the mother as well. The guidelines are pretty clear that the mother needs to be very careful in everything she eats and nothing that has the slightest chance of troubling the health of her and the baby should ever be taken. Things that the mother read about foods strictly avoid pregnancy time are as follows:

Here, are the list of Foods strictly avoid pregnancy time by every mother:


Raw meat

The mother can certainly not take any kind of raw or undercooked meat at all during the stage of pregnancy. Meat can be poultry, beef or seafood and none of it is allowed if it is not properly cooked as raw meat has contamination risks and can trouble the health of both the mother and the baby during the pregnancy stage. 

Sea Food

Seafood is also something that is advised to be avoided as most fish that are found are contaminated with mercury or with industrial pollutants in the rivers and the sea. These pollutants contain toxic waste and chemicals which can be poisonous to the baby and the mother and high mercury levels are simply like giving acid to the baby and killing it. Seafood is certainly not safe during pregnancy and it is best to avoid at all costs.

Raw Eggs

Eggs may be the most nutritious of the foods available but when consumed in raw form, pose a direct threat to the health of the baby. Raw eggs are used in pastries and sweet dishes, mayonnaise, and other homemade recipes. These items should be avoided and it must be ensured that all the dishes must be cooked otherwise there is a high risk of contamination with salmonella which occurs when the eggs are left uncooked.

Milk (Unpasteurized)

Unpasteurized milk is strictly disallowed to pregnant women for it contains bacteria such as listeria which may result in a miscarriage. Milk must always be boiled first and it is better never to use unpasteurized milk directly from a goat or a sheep as it poses a direct threat to the life of the baby.

Soft Cheese

Soft cheese has the nag of containing E. coli or listeria which is again harmful to the kid. Hard cheese can be consumed by the pregnant women but it is advised to avoid all such things.


Salads made in stores of ham or chicken should not be consumed by the pregnant women as they also have the chances of containing listeria. If you want information about foods strictly avoid pregnancy time, use live doctor chat feature from our website Just Health Experts and get the best advice from our medical specialists.

The online doctor is an excellent source of information but useful information can also be gathered from different medical sites.

Pregnancy Depression Screening

Pregnancy Depression Screening 

Something that is quite often overlooked is Pregnancy Depression Screening. It may be the last thing on the minds of many doctors and mothers. Pregnancy is considered a very blessed and joyous event in many cultures around the world including the United States. That’s why no one is thinking about Pregnancy Depression Screening. 

However, it is not uncommon for the expecting mother to feel depressed as so many physical and biological changes take place.  What is commonly referred to as postpartum depression, in fact, begins quite often pregnancy and can carry over after the mother has given birth. 

About Pregnancy Depression Screening:

There are many useful tools at the healthcare providers disposal but the most valuable being the pregnant mother herself as they are most aware of their mood swings. However, these mood swings can quite often seem like a natural occurrence and part of the birth-giving process. 


That is why it is very important that intervention and depression screen pregnancy by online health experts are done in a timely manner as to not permanently affect the health of the expecting mother and unborn child. If caught early, it can be treated sometimes with psychotherapy and without the need for pharmaceuticals or drug products. 


Many online health experts believe that depression pregnancy is due to a chemical imbalance that easily is identified and treated as long as the expecting mother is willing to admit and seek treatment from a doctor who specializes in treating depression pregnancy.


A quite common question that is raised at our health website is about depression and certain signs that pregnant women should look for before depression leads to more serious consequences. 


Some of these signs could be a feeling of wanting to be left alone, crying for no apparent reason, increases or decreases in appetite, or thoughts of suicide. 


Online doctors who specialize in Pregnancy Depression Screening can offer quick and effective advice for expecting mothers to seek proper treatment.  For quick solutions, you can also use chat with doctor feature by visiting our website Just health experts

Herbal Products During Pregnancy

Herbal products are the products made from natural herbs and plants and are used for the treatment of certain problems faced by humans. The use of herbal products is pretty common in many problems and it is also a known factor when it comes to pregnancy. It is argued and debated that herbal products are not safe and guaranteed, since they are not approved and tested by the FDA, and they tend to have the nag of causing unwanted harm, especially during pregnancy. Pregnancy is the most critical stage and extensive care needs to be taken during this, hence one needs to be fully aware of what to take and what to avoid when pregnant. The woman cannot take medicines or herbs which may harm the person or the baby and may lead to complications during pregnancy.

Despite all of these facts, herbal products have been used for centuries and have been used for pregnancy-related problems as well. There exist safe herbal products which do not cause harm to pregnant women and do not lead to complications. These herbal products have been used by several pregnant women over the years and have reaped great benefits to them, providing comfort and alleviating pain and sicknesses without having to take medicines and synthetic products. The synthetic products can also be extremely harmful and some specialists believe that since herbs are natural products, it is much safer and better to use them, especially in the case of pregnancy.
There is a vast list of safe herbal products which are not controversial and can be used during pregnancy in the correct manner and problems can be solved without medication. Of these products, the most famous and commonly used in the red raspberry leaf which is used in tea’s given to pregnant women. Red raspberry has a high content of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients which provide comfort and relief from pains, tones the uterus, increases the amount of milk produced in the woman and also helps in the reduction of hemorrhage.

Here, are some of the herbal products which can be used in during pregnancy:

Ginger is another most extensively used herbal product which helps pregnant women the most. During pregnancy, women face nausea and this result in the loss of essential nutrients from the body. Ginger tends to nausea in the best possible manner, eliminating it and hence reducing the loss of the nutrients that are vital for the growing and developing baby inside. The best way to fight nausea is to chew organic ginger root, but there are alternatives as well which include the use of ginger in food and in tea. You can also use ask a doctor online feature to know more about the use of herbal products in herbal products through our Just Health experts.
Peppermint works to reduce the gas and abdominal pressures inside the pregnant women and is also another very commonly used herbal product. Peppermint has the refreshing capabilities and helps with the heartburn problems as well.
Echinacea helps with cold and works by reducing the duration of colds and flu and helps the women in breathing. It tends to reduce chills, coughing and aching muscles and is one of the most effective herbal products that can be used.

Pregnancy Weight Control Facts

Pregnant women have a tendency to become overweight. Women tend to become overweight during pregnancy and this is the case for almost 80% of the women across the globe. Studies have shown that most of the women in the world start going through obesity and weight problems after getting pregnant and this is the trend that is common in many parts of the globe. Since the majority of the women go through this condition during and after pregnancy, there is a dire need to understand why pregnancy and obesity should be considered related and important for each other. The obesity issues in women have triggered many types of research and studies have shown and proven that there is absolutely no need for women to become overweight during their pregnancy. In this article, we will discuss pregnancy weight control facts which will helpful for women to control her weight at the time of pregnancy.

Here, are some facts discussed in detail below

During the pregnancy stage, there are several factors that increase the weight of the woman. The most significant contribution to the increase in weight comes from the baby and the fat storage inside the woman. The baby weight would be eliminated once the child is delivered but the fats which are stored create the major problem for women after pregnancy and is the major reason why they become obese. The fats account for about 3.5 kg of the total weight and the major chunk of it is stored in the stomach, which not only fattens the belly but also leads to major health problems for the woman. These fats are not easy to get rid of after pregnancy and most of the women have to toil hard in order to get rid of it.

Researchers believe that the greater the amount of fat gained by the mother during pregnancy, the more the likelihood of that staying afterward. This needs to be tackled because these overweight problems and extra fats will lead to high blood pressures, diabetes and other sicknesses and may be detrimental to the health of the mother. 

Tips for pregnancy weight control

It is recommended that the mother takes a balanced and healthy diet for the sake of her wellbeing and also for the better development and growth of the baby. Proper and healthy diet includes vegetables, fruits, skimmed milk, proteins and fibers and the mother must ensure that the fats and sugar intake is reduced considerably. Carbohydrates and fats do no good to the mother or the baby and there is no point in taking such diets. The healthy diet also helps provide essential nutrients to the baby and would help a lot.

The common perception that the mother needs to eat for two is wrong and obsolete. The baby works like a parasite and takes whatever it needs. The mother does not need to eat for two and hence there is no point in taking excess fats and eating more than what is required. Maintaining the health and keeping fat accumulation down is what matters the most and will be beneficial during and after pregnancy both for the mother and the child alike. This is the only way to go about it during pregnancy. You can also chat with doctor online through our website Just health experts and our medical experts will guide you helpful pregnancy weight control facts.

Gestational diabetes During Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women who have high blood sugar levels and have lost control of their sugar intake and blood levels during the pregnancy period. Gestational diabetes occurs when the pregnant woman develops an insulin deficiency in the body and there is not enough insulin produced by the body for the breakdown of sugar and glucose. Insulin is extremely important for the body as it helps in the formation of usable blood sugar energy and also to store excessive fats for later. During pregnancy, there is an extra need for insulin and failure of the body to meet the requirement can cause gestational diabetes. In this article, we will share some best tips which will help to preventing diabetes during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes can severely affect the mother and the born to be baby and can cause complications during birth and breastfeeding. It can also result in oversized babies which are hard to push out and other problems are also generated. The positive aspect though in all such chaos is that gestational diabetes is not long lasting and it goes away after birth. It is not like common diabetes which remains throughout life.
Prevention of gestational diabetes is a topic that intrigues pregnant women and is a topic most pursued by them. There are very simple techniques to avoid gestational diabetes during pregnancy and following the methods can help a great deal. 

Here, are some techniques which help you to Gestational diabetes during pregnancy

The most important prevention technique that can be employed is to regularly exercise and stay fit and healthy throughout pregnancy. Exercising can vary as per the stage of pregnancy and does not have to be really strenuous or extensive for it to be effective. During the initial stages, moms to be can go through the good amount of workout as prescribed by the doctor. They may be able to jog or swim regularly to stay fit and in shape, and can work out so that excessive fats in the body are secreted and there is proper regulation of blood sugar and utilization of stored fats.
As pregnancy time increases, this exercise can reduce to walking and small work out sessions but be doing something throughout the duration is integral to avoiding gestational diabetes. Doctors and medical experts need to be consulted before exercising though. You can also do a live chat with doctor online through our website Just health experts and ask how to avoid diabetes during pregnancy.
Another important method by which to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes is to follow a diet plan and a healthy diet. Keeping a good diet full of nutrients and energy is important and avoiding fatty and oily foods is very important. The body should not be made to burn excessive fats and oils and by taking a vegetarian, fruity and white meat diet, the woman can stay away from gestational diabetes and be healthy and fit throughout the pregnancy. Brown rice, pulses, fish, chicken, and low carb dairy products must be introduced in the diet.
Weight gain must also be kept under control and that also helps in regularizing the body and the baby. It also helps in preventing gestational diabetes so these methods can be adopted and a healthy pregnancy would certainly follow. The mother has it all in her own hands to ruin or save.
If you have any further questions about this topic, you can live chat with doctor at Just Health Experts.