Services is a provider of an advanced interactive website that allows healthcare professionals to provide information to patients through a live interactive chat.

For healthcare professionals, there are no additional overhead costs, such as a bigger office or hiring more staff, to accommodate an increase in the number of patient consultations. Healthcare professionals may provide the service at their convenience, either during office downtime or from home.

The website allows users to access health information through the health resources, doctor forum, and public forum pages.

The website serves as a robust advertising platform for companies seeking exposure for their products or services. Connect with a large global audience of patients seeking healthcare with three homepage banners. partners with various companies to provide their employees and/or customers health-related services.

  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies: By partnering with us, companies are able convert a fixed cost into a variable one when they utilize our services to hire drug safety and information specialists. Drug information inquiries are answered and adverse drug events are processed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and billed per inquiry or report–a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff.
  •  Insurance Companies: By partnering with us, companies are able to have routine questions that do not require laboratory testing or a prescription routed to us, instead of incurring the high costs associated with patient visits to hospitals or clinics.
  • Healthcare facilities: By partnering with us, facilities are able to provide additional services from specialists who they are unable to employ or cannot justify employing due to too few patients requiring their services.
  • Customers: Why do our clients and patients from around the world choose to use our services.
    • Convenience. By receiving a general physician or specialist consultation through our system, patients are able to avoid travel and office waiting times.
    • Overall reduced cost. Patients not only benefit from the reduced cost of the consultation, they also save additional money by avoiding travel expenses and time off from work required for in-person visits.

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