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I was like a month pregnant and they had did a paptest on me and noticed it and froze it off and nothing was said further and it never came back during my pregnancy or my delivery. I delivered have a vaginal delivery no problem had one stich and I don't have any discomfort or itching I don't ever notice it really but I know that it's there it does itch sometimes but very rarely... and I have read that you aren't suppose to do that if you had herpes so that made me a little bit nervous. How do i tell the difference between a wart and a skin tag? Also i do have hemorrhoids still from my pregnancy that was 2 and half years ago that I wish was gone but it could be one of those? I have attached a couple more pictures, hopefully you'll be able to see it more clearly. Thank you so much for all your information, it's defiantly making me feel alot better.


Thank you, I could definitely see that a little better. Based on what I saw this time, we can rule out it being an extension of hemorrhoids. It is now clear that it is not in contact with the tissue surrounding the anus. I don't think you can make the picture more clear than you have, but it still seems like a toss up between wart and skin tag. I will give you a couple of things to look for. Being in an area that is likely to be rubbed while walking makes me think skin tag, but these usually have a stalk that extends from the skin. If it has a cauliflower-like appearance or feels rough, it could be a wart. Unfortunately, the final diagnosis would have to be made in person as there really isn't too many more ways to tell the difference without seeing it up close and examine it. If I were forced to make a judgement right now, in most pictures it appears to be more wart-like. My only hesitation is that you have been seen recently and it wasn't addressed, so the physician(s) must not have been too concerned. So, what to do; since you have had 2 normal pap smears, you do not appear to be at risk. It is caused by a virus, so it is possible to transmit it to your partner during intimate contact, but it is a little out of the way, so it is probably low risk. If it is skin tag, there is no risk to you and it is not contagious. My suggestion for you is, if you can, wait until your next appointment and ask that it be evaluated and removed. Again, this does not look anything like herpes, so you can ease your mind there. Finally, the hemorrhoids unfortunately can be treated, but not cured. Over the counter things such as Preparation H work well during problem times. They may require surgery, but only if they cause pain or start bleeding frequently. If they do require surgery, it may not be a permanent fix. Hemorrhoids and skin tags are unfortunate side effects of pregnancy. I hope this has helped more. Thank you again for your question. Dr. B