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I had a HIV Rapid Test at the Emergency Room 20 days after unprotected sex and a HIV anitbody test 8 weeks and a day (57 days) and they both came back negative. What are my chances of being truly HIV negative?


The chances of being negative after two negative tests 57 days apart are excellent. After an acute exposure to HIV, a test can be falsely negative. An acute, or initial HIV infection only lasts for a few weeks, and the second test should be able to detect it. The sensitivity of the tests today, both blood and saliva tests are very high, nearly 99 percent for many of them. Thus, two negative tests are very reassuring. The only thing that would be a concern would be a second exposure during the time between the two tests. So if there were any episodes of unprotected sex during that time, a third test would be needed 8 weeks after the second exposure.