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my girlfriend had a really bad UTI for about 3 weeks. Also, she has been bloated for 2 weeks with back pain. Her UTI was diagnosed by a medical assistant from her urine sample. However, the burning has gone away but bloating and discomfort have not.


Mr. Stoneking,

Is your girlfriend on her period? The things that you mentioned with the back pain and bloating can be seen during a period.

Did she take all of her antibiotics? There is a chance that the infection may have spread further up her urinary tract, but I would not necessarily expect to see bloating with that. If she did not finish her antibiotic, then she needs to be re-evaluated. If she did finish the antibiotics and is not on her period, then she needs to be re-evaluated. Sometimes when treating a common problem, we use common antibiotics. However, with growing resistance to common antibiotics, she may need a different type or a combination to eradicate the infection.

Thank you for your question. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Dr. B