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Extreme bloating, gas that won't pass, threw up Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, constipation to begin with, then diarrhea. Feel like I'm about to burst open. Been eating very little (a few spoonfuls of chicken noodle soup, oatmeal, canned pears) Very little fluid intake. Diagnosed years ago with Spastic Colon, IBS, Hiatal Hernia Have been taking medications (Bentyl, Prilosec, Compazine daily) for years but have never experienced anything this extreme. Have tried Tagament and Simethicone. They give a little relief for a little while, then I'm back to square one. Suggestions?


I am sorry that you are having such medical problems. Having looked at your complicated medical history, and extensive medicine list, you might best be served by seeing a doctor face to face for an examination and tests. I am very concerned with your symptoms, especially since they are more extreme than what you have experienced in the past. Other worrisome symptoms besides what you mentioned would be any bleeding from the GI tract, weight loss, and fever. I'm afraid your medical problems are too complicated to be answered in an online consultation. Please seek medical attention as soon as you can so that you can be appropriately diagnosed and treated.

Dr Cullen