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Dear Doctor, Recently I read about how rabies can incubate silently in animals and humans and it was traumatizing information. Particularly that it can incubate in humans for years. Since, I've been having obsessive compulsive thoughts about being rabid that I cannot shake off. I have played and dealt with many cats growing up, with many of them living outside of our house in a green, mountainous area. Although I can not recall any cat showing even minor symptoms of being rabid, I cannot help but worry that I somehow caught the disease silently from a carrier and it is incubating inside of me. The internet sources state that the virus can be transmitted if it is incubating inside of the cat and it can be in the salivary glands with no noticeable symptoms. I have not been bitten by cats outside of playful interactions and never punctured the skin, however I worry that maybe a contaminated hand of mine could have rubbed my eye and I could've caught the disease or that the virus could have made its way through my skin from a hard playful bite.?

Also, is there a test I can do to put this issue behind me and get my mind to ease??

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Hello, thank you for visiting us. First I would like to tell you that the spread of rabies should be direct with secretions or bite. unfortunately there is no proof that you can do but what I advise you is to seek psychological help, because I think we have a distress syndrome caused by the obsession of being sick. ok? regards