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2 weeks ago, my husband had a bad cough and felt very tired. Those were his only symptoms, and it lasted for almost a week. He?s better now, but I never got sick? those symptoms or any other. At the end of that week, I attended my son's 31st birthday gathering at a restaurant with 8 adults and my 3 month old grandson. Because my husband had been sick, I was asked to not touch my grandson, so I didn't. I sat next to my son and for a few minutes he held my grandson, during which time I talked and cooed to him. I was very close to my grandson, but I never touched him. I certainly didn't cough or sneeze, but I was close to him for several minutes. Most of the other people at this restaurant gathering touched and held and kissed my grandson many times.
2 or 3 days later my grandson got sick with a cough and runny nose, and later with upset stomach, throwing up, and even some blood in his stool! We're all very concerned and my son and his wife have been to their doctor more than once.

But the question is? Could I have caused my grandson to get sick because I had been in the same house as my coughing husband?
Or is it more likely that someone who touched the restaurant doorknobs and chairs and table and menu AND my grandson is the source of my grandson's sickness?


Mrs. Veasman, based on the information you have given to me, I would say that it is very unlikely that you made your grandson sick. I hope your family is not causing you guilt. There are many illnesses going around right now and we are attacked by microbes 24/7. Determining where an illness came from is nearly impossible in these common viruses. 3 month olds stick everything in their mouths, so to place blame solely on you is inappropriate. I am a physician with 2 small children. I wash my hands constantly all day, yet my entire family has had that same virus. It is very difficult to stay away from it unless you live in a bubble. I hope this has brought you some comfort. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Dr. B