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I have been managing my cholesterol using diet, exersise, and natural substances. I have a local doctor that I have consulted in the past and have tried a veriety of statin drugs that I have had side effects with including Crestor, and provastatin. Since Lipitor has gone generic, I would like to try a 10mg dose and test my results with a local low cost lab service. I don't want to visit my local doctor just to pay $170 for him to write a prescription. Can I get an internet doctor to write the script? My local pharmacy has FREE atorvistatin.


I cannot write a prescription for you just from having interaction over the internet. Do you have an urgent care or "doc in a box" in your area? these will likely assist you at a fraction of the cost. if this is not an option for you, call your doctor's office and ask to speak to his nurse. Just explain that you would like to try the cheaper Lipitor and see if they will just call it in for you instead of having to make an appointment. I am sorry that I can not be more help than on this issue, but there are rules for prescribing medications.