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I am 19 week pregnant and before I became pregnant I had an MRI which showed a white spot on my brain and the doctor said he would not worry about it because it has no mass but I was suffering from major migraines! Now I have been having a really bad pain in my head which feels like an electrocuting muscle pulling pain, it is not a mugrainr, when I move my head it hurts like I'm pulling a muscle and the top and behind my eye really hurts! I have trouble sleeping t night because when I put my head Down on pillow one side of my head goes numb and tingly and feels like blood is rushing to it! I'm starting to really worry. I also get a hot numb feeling in the left back side if my tongue.


hi, thanks for query. Well, if a neurologist downplayed what I saw on the MRI should not worry about it.
is true that pain tells you not like a migraine, but could be a tension headache due to a contraction of the neck muscles.
my advice is to take acetaminophen 1 g every 6 hours, apply heat to the neck several times a day, and can refer back story with the neurologist.