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My girlfriend has got multiple problems. She thinks that there's something wrong going on with her, but when we went for a check up like ECG and ECO everything was normal. She's in depression that she will die. Sometimes her heart beats quite fast. Sometimes She feels quite shocked. She also has gas problem. She also tells me that her chest feels like very warm sometimes. But she never experiences any pain or anything like that. Her breath is sometimes abnormal. She cries a lot.


Regarding her heart symptoms - fast hear rate, warm sensation - a 24 hour ECG or an event monitor would be good to look at her heart rhythm over a longer time period. Hopefully, she would have the symptoms while the monitor was on, so her heart rhythm at that moment could be evaluated. She should also have a thyroid level checked - high thyroid can make heart rates go up, and a CBC - anemia can also make heart rates go up. Medicines like over the counter decongestants and diet pills, as well as anxiety and depression can increase the heart rate.

Excess gas is likely unrelated. If someone is under stress, excess gas is often a symptom. It may also be acid reflux or irritable bowel syndrome. She could try taking Pepcid or Zantac to see if it helps. If not, she should be evaluated by her doctor. She could also try a probiotic. This can often reset the bacteria in the gut, which can make problems like excess gas improve.